Malaysia Airlines Plane Still Missing: 122 Possible Objects Spotted

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The search for the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 started again on Wednesday after the weather cleared a bit. High winds and poor visibility forced the search teams to abandon the efforts a day earlier. On Wednesday, Malaysian authorities revealed new satellite images from France showing 122 floating objects off the Australian coast, which could possibly be from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Most credible lead on Malaysia Airlines plane

Malaysia’s acting transport minister, Shammuddin Hussein, did caution that, as of now, there is no evidence to link the images to the missing plane, but they do provide a new lead. The minister added that recent images are similar to the previous three satellites images in terms of the area they were taken from, and together the images are “the most credible lead that we have.” The objects in the images measure between one meter to 23 meters, while some of the objects are brightly colored, which suggests that they might be of solid materials.

The search team from the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand including 12 planes and two ships are participating in the search, in a hope to find even a single piece of evidence of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

Plane crashed in sea, relatives furious

Earlier this week, the Malaysian authorities, citing a mathematical analysis of the last known satellite signals from the Malaysia Airlines plane, stated that there is a very good chance that the plane crashed in the sea, taking with it all 239 passengers on board.

On Wednesday, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau told The Wall Street Journal that a team of engineers and aviation experts will leave in a navy vessel to validate any debris in the search area. This will be the first time, when air-crash investigation experts are part of a massive search team.

On Tuesday, more than 150 relatives of the passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines staged a violent protest outside the Malaysian Embassy. Also, at a hotel in Beijing, a much larger group of relatives argued with the Malaysian ambassador to China. The protestors cursed and threatened the ambassador for not answering even basic questions, and failure of his nation for not revealing the truth about the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

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