How To Make A Hygge Home

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Interior design trends cover just about every conceivable style and yet a home that has more than a touch of Danish influence is a Hygge home. The style helps boost your health and well-being is created by the simple things in life. There’s no need to invest in expensive décor, small changes to your home and your lifestyle is all that’s needed to give your home Hyggelgit.

As with all Scandinavian décor candles play a huge role in creating the look and an ambience of relaxing calm. Lighting a candle or candles is a fundamental and easily achievable hygge moment for the home.

Think along the lines of warm and cosy to add texture to your home. Chilly days and nights in the northern hemisphere make you want to snuggle up to a chunky knit or faux fur throw while watching the television. Add further Hygge style with knitted cushions on the sofa, chairs and bed along with thick fluffy rugs to wriggle your toes into.

Hygge isn’t solely about décor, it’s also about you, your family and your friends. Include the little things in life that make you smile, such as putting up photographs of happy times, drinking your favourite coffee or indulging in a warm bubble bath.

Sharing is a must in a Hygge home. Eating wholesome food in-front of the fire or by candlelight with a gathering of friends or family are fabulous Hygge moments that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Switch off and refocus by taking up a new hobby or reigniting an old one. A few hours on your own will make you feel refreshed and your batteries recharged. Enjoy your surrounding, every room in your home should be a sanctuary that you can step into at any given moment, so fill them with things that help you achieve this. But don’t over do it, Hygge homes are rarely crammed to the rafters with clutter, but with carefully chosen meaningful items.

Remember the style isn’t about extravagance and cost, it’s about creating a warm and welcoming home that you and your visitors won’t want to leave. So, read on to find out How To Make A Hygge Home.

Hygge Home

Hygge Home


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