The Tech Behind The Distance Learning Boom

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Online learning in the past few years and especially in the past few weeks has exploded in popularity. Distance learning has now become an essential part of learning, at least for the time being, as millions of students are now at home instead of at schools. Many different kinds of tech have been utilized in the pursuit of online learning, and in many cases, different tech is useful for different people. As more people depend on distance learning tech, does this tech have what it takes to keep students learning?

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The Flexibility With Distance Learning

Mobile learning is one of the most popular types of online learning. Mobile learning offers learners the freedom to schedule for convenience, and it lets instructors monitor their students’ learning, as well. This is especially important for households that don’t have enough tech to go around, in particular.

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are all other popular kinds of online learning. This new tech is in high demand as 89% of educators are interested in this kind of tech used in learning and teaching. Interactive video is another popular platform that educators are using to do a variety of things. Interactive video is used in a way that spreads content much easier than any lecture hall could. This type of video is becoming extremely popular - in the near future, 98% of educators expect to use interactive video in their lessons. Another type of tech that online learning is monopolizing on is the usage of AI. AI in online learning can help in a variety of ways such as the ability to forge a path that is individualized for every user.

Online learning Before COVID-19 Outbreak

Online learning, even before the outbreak of COVID-19, was a huge community and people joined it for a diverse number of reasons. One of the main reasons is the flexibility of online learning and how it can be utilized to fit nearly any schedule. But even many who would choose to go to a regular brick and mortar school building are now forced home with the outbreak of coronavirus. With most being forced to stay in their homes, they must choose online learning and this switch can be very difficult - especially for those who are unequipped to do so, whether they don’t have a device, they don’t have a connection to the internet or any other reason.

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