Ultimate List Of Pokemon Go Gym Defenders Now Out

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Pokemon Go has more daily users than Twitter, and its users spend more time in the app than Facebook’s users spend on its app. Most players are content with catching rare Pokemon, but there are some who prefer to get into the competitive aspect of this popular game.

Which Pokemon are ultimate gym defenders?

Like many other features of the game, it takes a lot of trial and error to determine which Pokemon are best equipped to battle, win and effectively defend a gym when you win it — at least until GamePress published an unbelievably comprehensive list of all the best gym defenders and their strongest match-ups, according to BGR.

Have you ever noticed that most gyms appear to be defended by a Dragonite, Lapras or a Snorlax? The reason is because those Pokemon have the least weaknesses, which is useful in defending a gym, the report notes. Both Gyarados and Charizard are quite strong in the cartoon and the Game Boy games; however, in Pokemon Go, they are not better defenders than some other famous water-type and fire-type Pokemon.

In addition, it should be noted that this list is not as simple as “strong-stronger-strongest.” GamePress has taken into account the potential counters that opposing players might have when he/she tries to steal a gym, even when the strength of an individual Pokemon does play a very strong role in its tier placement. For detailed explanations of all the defenders on the tier list, you should visit GamePress.

Businesses profiting from Pokemon Go

In the history of mobile games, Pokemon Go is the most popular, and this is not only helping its developers and investors but third-party businesses too.

A survey done by Slant Marketing found that Pokemon Go players like to be active on weekend afternoons and weekday evenings. Most players play one to three hours daily, but some play for three or more hours daily. Also some players like to play in groups.

What this game provides to business owners is a massive inflow of Millennials. Millennials who have a lot of disposable income are a difficult target for advertisers due to their uncertain views of marketing techniques. But thanks to Pokemon Go, players go to places they otherwise would not have visited. While playing a game, around 82% of players have visited a business, and 50% of them visited a business for the first time, the survey found.

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