LG V30 To Feature A Plastic OLED FullVision Display

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It’s almost confirmed that the LG V30 smartphone, which is set to debut on August 30, will sport an OLED screen. The company describes the display as a 6-inch FullVision display with an 18:9 ratio. The V20 had only a 5.7-inch display. However, the overall size of the phone will likely be smaller, as the company has reduced the size of the top bezel by 20% and the bottom bezel by 50%, according ZDNet.

Not much clarity from LG

In a press release on Thursday, the company announced that its “next flagship smartphone” will feature a six-inch OLED panel. Though there was not much clarity on the name of the phone that will have an OLED display, it is widely reported to be the V30. There is also a hint of a curved screen in the next phone.

According to ZDNet, the upcoming V30’s screen has a QHD+ (1440×2880) resolution with 4.15 million pixels. The phone’s color reproduction comes at the rate of 109% based on the DCI-P3 standard and 148% based on the sRGB standard. The handset is reportedly compatible with the HDR10 for better contrast ratio, added ZDNet.

Citing unnamed sources, Android Authority claims that there will be no second screen on the V30, a signature feature of the V series phones. Further, Android Authority says that the LG V30 smartphone will have a “floating bar” which will be as good as a second screen.

LG’s logo will be on the rear of the phone to ensure that the front portion is all display. Glass has reportedly been replaced by plastic for the substrate. Further, the V30 is expected to come with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 with shatter resistance technology for strength.

Galaxy Note 8 vs. LG V30 smartphone

Various reports and rumors have compared the V30 to the Galaxy Note 8 because of the proximity of their release dates. While the Galaxy Note 8 will debut on August 23, the LG V30 smartphone will arrive a week later during the IFA 2017 event in Berlin, Germany. Though many will be skeptical to pit LG against Samsung after witnessing the performance of the Galaxy S8 and LG G6, the V30 could be a serious contender this time. One major feature that could push LG ahead is photography, notes Neurogadget.

Slash Gear claimed recently that the LG V30’s camera lens will feature a massive aperture of f/1.6, bigger than the f/1.7 aperture that appears on the Galaxy S8. For those wondering how a larger aperture makes a difference, it has everything to do with low-light photography. Usually where light is low, a wider aperture is able to capture more light, thus delivering better images.

And it’s not only the massive aperture, but if reports are to be believed, then LG’s next flagship smartphone will be compatible with Google’s Daydream VR. Apparently, it will also have a “Crystal Clear Glass Lens” and better transmittance to further increase the level of photography. Reports also claim there will be audio boost, as LG is expected to get an all-around upgraded audio experience along with the B&O collaboration for selective markets, notes techradar. Various other features circulating, courtesy of the rumor mill, are wireless charging, a fingerprint sensor on the rear and maybe even a glass back.

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