LG G8 Tipped To Come With Optional Second Screen

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This year is already shaping up to be an important year for the smartphone industry as manufacturers are shifting their focus toward foldable phones. However, it seems LG wants to be a step ahead in the game and may be working on a much more advanced technology.

How the optional second screen works

According to CNET, the next LG device — possibly the LG G8 ThinQ — will come with an optional second screen. The second screen won’t bend or fold like other devices that we have seen or heard about. Rather, it will reportedly be an optional attachment.

There are no further details about the LG G8 with the optional second screen, but it is believed that the second screen will simply expand the phone’s screen. It is not currently known how the optional second screen will work or whether it will come in the box with the phone or be sold as a separate accessory.

CNET is not even sure if the device with the optional second screen will actually be the LG G8 or if it will be a separate series like the previous G Flex series. However, the tech site states that LG could showcase the device next month at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) expo in Barcelona.

Gizchina reported that the optional second screen could be integrated with the main phone via a special case, creating a design similar to that of the ZTE AXOM M. Although Gizchina is also quiet on how the extra screen will work, it does suggest the special case could double the total screen size of the phone.

Is it likely the LG G8 will have two screens?

LG is seen as an innovator, so there seems to be a good chance it will pack the technology in the upcoming LG G8. With the G7 last year, the company added its so-called “Boom Box” speaker, which plays music at high volumes while offering excellent vibration and haptic technology. With the V40, LG introduced a camera not with three or four lenses, but with five.

Moreover, Google has already promised support for Android phones with varying screen sizes. The new trademarks LG recently secured, which are “Foldi” and “Duplex,” give further credence to the reports about the optional second screen.

An additional display could help the LG G8 take on foldable devices from Samsung, Huawei and others. LG hasn’t yet announced a foldable phone, so there is a good chance it is working on something similar or possibly even more advanced.

Reports suggest the LG G8 could feature a 7-inch display when the two screens are connected. Further, the handset is expected to come with a new “Touchless” user interface that would allow users to operate the phone using only hand gestures.

Amid the growing competition, LG has struggled to retain its share of the smartphone market. Apple, Huawei and Samsung dominate the premium segment, while budget-conscious consumers are more attracted to devices from OnePlus and other Chinese handset makers.

Even though the G7 ThinQ and V40 ThinQ are decent phones, they were overlooked because there are better alternatives available. Thus, with the G8, LG must be hoping to end this struggle with a device that’s not only unique but also priced within the reach of most smartphone users.

LG’s roll-up TV

Although it’s unclear whether LG is definitely working on a phone with an optional second screen because all we have now are rumors, it has been confirmed that another innovative product from the company will be available for purchase soon. LG first showcased its 65-inch roll-up TV prototype at CES last year, and this year, the company is bringing the technology to the market in its flagship 4K OLED TV. The roll-up OLED TV coming to the market is similar to the prototype, but it has an improved base station. It also has a 100-watt Dolby Atmos speaker for built-in audio.

As the name suggests, LG’s roll-up TV can be rolled up when not in use, so it’s perfect for those who don’t like a big, black screen in their living room. When not in use, the TV drops slowly and steadily into the base, and with the push of a button, it rises back up in about 10 seconds.

LG has also added a new Line Mode. Under this mode, only one-fourth of the panel is visible, giving users on-screen music controls and the option to control other smart home gadgets. The TV will hit store shelves some time in ot around March.

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