The LG G7 Launch Date Has Been Delayed

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A spokesman for LG has told Tech Advisor that the company would not hold a press conference at the Mobile World Congress this year, confirming a delay to the LG G7 launch date.

LG G7 Launch Date

As mentioned above, Tech Advisor has obtained confirmation from the manufacturer that the LG G7 launch date won’t be at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in late February this year.

An earlier report from Gearburn also suggested that CY Kim, the managing director for LG Electronics South Africa, stated that an upgraded version of the LG V30 would headline the company’s appearance at the Mobile World Congress, hinting that the LG G7 launch date would could a little while afterwards. Reports also suggest that LG has gone back to the drawing board when it comes to the G7, which isn’t surprising given how much is riding on the success of the upcoming flagship.

After poor sales numbers with the LG G6, the mobile division of LG continues to flounder. Despite recent innovations in the form of the world’s first 8K TV as well as a more economical 4K projector, their mobile division has struggled to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple. Even newcomer Google outperformed LG with the release of their Pixel smartphones, with the Pixel 2 resonating with users despite the company’s relatively recent entrance into the luxury smartphone scene.

Back To The Drawing Board

While we did have a little bit of information regarding what we’ll see with the LG G7 launch date, all of those rumors and leaks may be for naught if the company is truly going back to the drawing board with the upcoming phone. The company really needs to succeed with the LG G7 launch date if they’re to re-establish themselves as a competitor in the high-end smartphone scene.

Hopefully we see a powerful chipset at the very least, because the phone will certainly need it if it’s to compete with the powerhouse Galaxy S9 that will release in a few weeks or the incredibly capable iPhone X that became the fastest-selling iPhone in history following its release right before the holiday season. LG has shown with their other divisions that they’re capable of providing something new. Going back to the drawing board is a good idea, even if it means delays, because it gives the company the opportunity to really impress customers with a phone that may determine the future of the LG smartphone business.

The LG V30

While the LG G7 launch date won’t be at the Mobile World Congress, we will see an update to the LG V30, as mentioned above. Although the phone was praised for its excellent performance, the display was panned by critics as quite bad considering the phone’s price. As a flagship that nears the price of phones like the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 Plus, it’s clear that the tech giant may have fallen short when it comes to certain aspects of the phone. While we don’t expect a massive revamp with the update to the LG V30, we hope that it succeeds and that the eventual LG G7 launch date will be a success as well.

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