Alleged LG G7 Render Gives Sneak Peak Of Upcoming Phone

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Despite reports that LG is ditching the G series name, a recent LG G7 render suggests they may be keeping the series around after all – at least for this upcoming phone.

An Uphill Battle

LG has had troubles as of late with an underperforming G line. After the lack of success of the previous two iterations, it was thought that the company was ditching the G branding in order to revitalize the line and shed the negative reputation of the previous devices. While the LG G6 wasn’t necessarily a bad phone, it failed to live up to expectations in a market that was excited about new flagships from the likes of Apple and Samsung. This leaked LG G7 render may prove that the company is giving it another shot, but it may be an uphill battle to prove to customers that their phone is the superior option.

Long story short: LG’s mobile division isn’t doing so hot at the moment. LG has been innovating in other areas of technology, such as with the world’s first 8K TV and a more accessible 4K projector, but the same can’t be said for their mobile phones. After an underperforming year in 2016, a new mobile boss – Hwang Jeong-hwan – took the reins of the struggling business with hopes to exceed expectations with the upcoming device, the potential of which is shown in the LG G7 render (courtesy of Tigermobiles) below. While LG continues to see great success as a whole, their cell phones need a serious revamp to bring profits in line with the rest of the company.

With the majority of Android phones in recent years being iterative rather than revolutionary, LG really needs to deliver something spectacular if they’re to establish themselves as a leader in the smartphone scene. Apple has shown that innovation pays off with incredible sales following the release of the iPhone X and innovative Face ID technology, and it would be in Android manufacturers’ best interest to offer something besides gradual power upgrades and bigger screens. With Samsung purportedly having a flexible phone coming to market this year as the Galaxy X, LG may find themselves in hot water if they don’t work hard to overcome the failures of the LG G6.

There’s a huge amount of pressure on the upcoming phone to perform, and a recently released LG G7 render seems to suggest that the company has a luxury flagship with a beautiful design and impressive specifications up their sleeves.

LG G7 Render

It’s important to keep in mind that any renders or leaks aren’t necessarily a reliable confirmation of anything that will actually happen, but this alleged LG G7 render seems to show that we’ll be seeing the phone’s release after all.

The LG G7 render, included below, gives us a sense of what we can expect from the upcoming device. As is the trend with the majority of modern flagships, the top and bottom bezels continue to shrink for a near edge-to-edge screen. The bezels in this alleged LG G7 render are even smaller than that of the LG G6, which already had pretty minimal borders on the screen. Side bezels will be completely non-existent as well, giving the phone that premium aesthetic that so many manufacturers are chasing after.


This alleged LG G7 render also suggests that the screen will feature a FullVision 18:9 display with two front cameras situated above for the perfect selfie. The cameras are on the left side of the earpiece, with a proximity sensor and LED indicator on the right.

The LG G7 render shows two buttons on the left side, which is apparently the volume rocker. The power button for the phone will most likely stay on the rear of the device.

There isn’t too much word thus far on a LG G7 release date, but we expect that the phone may launch in the second quarter of 2018. Due to this timing, it’s anticipated that it will ship with the speedy Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor as well as Quick Charge 4.0. While it won’t feature any sort of innovate Face ID technology, several reports suggest that an iris scanner for locking certain apps may be included.

As mentioned above, this LG G7 render is by no means a confirmation of phone specifications from the company itself, but it’s still a relatively reliable sneak peek at what we might see from the upcoming phone.

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