Will The LG G6 Explode Like The Galaxy Note 7? Execs Say It Won’t

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The LG G6 won’t have the same problems as the Galaxy Note 7, according to company executives. They say that they’re using new technology to prevent issues like exploding batteries and implementing stricter safety tests to ensure that LG’s smartphone are safe.

It seems the company is taking advantage of what’s happening to Samsung right now. The maker of the Note 7 is expected to release more details on what caused the batteries in the phablet to explode very soon. Sources suggested that the battery was mostly to blame, although that’s still unofficial until Samsung releases the results of its investigation.

LG G6 to use copper “heat pipes”

LG Electronics executive Lee Seok-jong told The Korea Herald that they plan to begin using what they called “heat pipes” to channel heat quickly toward the outside of the handset. Those pipes are made from copper and will be used in the LG G6, according to Lee.

Use of heat pipes is a technique used to cool off a device quickly. They’re usually used in PCs and laptops to keep their processors from overheating. Such pipes can cut temperatures by 6% to 10% simply by moving that internal heat outward. In the LG G6, LG will keep the components that create the most heat inside the handset as far apart as possible so that the heat isn’t concentrated in just one part of the phone.

LG G6 going through tougher testing too

The company is also making its safety tests much stricter; in fact, the test for the LG G6 are more stringent than the tests that are considered to be the international standards. Lee said for their test, they are heating the battery in the handset to a temperature that’s 15% greater than the temperature used as a standard in U.S. and European testing.

He added that they will also be conducting various other tests like piercing the battery with a nail and dropping something heavy on the phone from a height. Further, the LG G6 will be put through “a new, more complex accelerated life test,” said The Korea Herald. This testing process subjects the phone to significant abuse like dropping it repeatedly, exposing it to high-voltage electricity, and other extreme measures “to simulate a lifetime of excess wear and tear and uncover faults and potential failures.”

LG is performing the tests on the various components for the LG G6, including the screen, processor and fingerprint sensor. The phone is expected to be released on March 10.

The company has already put out at least one handset that can stand up to the rigors of military life. The V2, which was shown off in September, passed a test that allows it to be used by soldiers during combat or military drills.

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