LG G6 To Feature Two 13MP Rear-Facing Cameras

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The LG G6 will have two cameras on its back and a third on its front, the company stated in a blog post today. It seems as if the Korea-based firm just can’t wait to reveal details about its device and keeps offering small nuggets here and there, although it won’t show off the whole thing until its event scheduled for Feb. 26.

That’s the day before the Mobile World Congress is set to begin, and LG is probably trying to get ahead of its many competitors which are also planning to reveal new devices around or during the show.

More details on the LG G6 officially released

In a Korean-language post on its website, LG laid down a trail of breadcrumbs to whet the appetites of fans of Android-based devices. The Android user base is up for grabs after Samsung’s Note 7 flub, resulting in a recall of the device.

LG said today that both of the rear-facing cameras will have 13-megapixel sensors that offer views in 125 degrees. One of the two cameras is specifically designed to capture the wider-angle views, and the two cameras will be able to switch back and forth from being a wide-angle camera or a regular camera. The cameras will fit wider images into the square 1:1 ratio that’s commonly used, especially for Instagram photos.

The front-facing camera will capture images in a 100-degree view.

LG G6 to feature multiple shooting modes

The Korea-based firm specifically mentioned Instagram in its blog post, indicating that the two-camera system was photo-sharing site in mind. However, the cameras also offer other shooting modes like “snapshots,” “Match shots,” “the Guide Shot” and “the grid shot.”

The LG G6 also features a dedicated menu for snapping selfies with a shooting mode for the 18:9 ratio, plus 360-degree panorama mode, “food mode” and more. Of note, the names of these shooting features come via Google Translate, so the actual English names may be translated a bit differently when LG actually unveils the device.

Other reports on the LG G6

LG won’t officially show off all of the features of the LG G6 before the big event. For example, we don’t know about the full design of the phone, although we have seen leaked images that the leaker claimed were of the G6. They showed part of the device and suggested that the LG G6 will feature a full glass-and-metal design.

Unfortunately, fans waiting for the G6 to be released in the U.S. may have to wait until Apr. 7, although consumers in Korea may be able to pick one up as early as Mar. 9.

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