LG G6 Partially Revealed, And It’s Made Fully Out Of Glass And Metal

LG G6 Partially Revealed, And It’s Made Fully Out Of Glass And Metal
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The LG G6 is expected to be unveiled on Feb. 26, just as the Mobile World Congress is beginning so that conference attendees have plenty of time to ogle the new Android phone. However, the first sneak peak of the phone has arrived—in the form of a partial photo of the handset.

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First image of the LG G6 leaked

The Verge obtained a photo it says is of the top part of the LG G6. The tech website states that the smartphone with have a 5.8-inch screen, a 2:1 aspect ratio and a near-bezel-less design. In fact, the screen-to-bezel ratio is said to be bigger than 90%, and although the photo doesn’t show the bottom bezel, it’s apparently just a little taller than the top one.

An unnamed source reportedly told The Verge that the LG G6 will be constructed entirely of metal and glass. This should make the phone seem more like a premium handset because its predecessor was made from plastic. LG has reportedly chosen to keep the headphone jack, unlike the iPhone 7 lineup and, presumably, future iPhone models. We’ve also heard that Samsung could ditch the headphone jack for the Galaxy S8, so for those who aren’t yet ready to switch to wireless headphones, the LG G6 will likely be one of only a few choices left on an ever-shrinking list.

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LG trying to take a bit out of Samsung

The LG G6 will also be waterproof (which is pretty much a necessity in smartphones today), according to The Verge, although apparently, the battery can’t be replaced like it could in the LG G5. The tech website also reports that the dual-lens camera and the fingerprint sensor mounted in the center of the phone will be the same as those used in last year’s G5.

LG executives said earlier this month that they’re using a heat pipe system for the G6 to make sure that it won’t have the same problems Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 had late last year, but that’s not the only jab the company could take at the dominant Android phone maker.

We’ve also heard that the G6 will be released on March 10 so that the company can take advantage of the rumored delay in the Galaxy S8 release. Samsung isn’t reportedly planning to unveil the S8 at the Mobile World Congress either, giving yet another opportunity to LG, which undoubtedly hopes to attract Android phone buyers before they ever see the Galaxy S8.

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