Sec. Lew: I Have Spoken To New Saudi King On ‘A Couple Of Occasions’

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In an interview with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker from the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2015 in Davos, Switzerland, United State Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said he has spoken to the new King of Saudi Arabia on ‘a couple of occasions’ but declined to comment about the future of Saudi oil policy, “there will be time in the future to discuss…I just don’t think today is the day to think about it.”  Sec. Lew told Schatzker:

  • Europe been slower than U.S. to pull policy levers.
  • ‘All the levers’ have to be used to boost growth.
  • U.S. has a very strong economy that will stay strong.
  • Global economy has room to improve with right policies.
  • U.S. alone won’t be able to drive global economy.
  • Strong dollar is good for America.
  • Unfair FX moves to draw scrutiny from U.S.
  • Lower energy prices are a plus for U.S. Economy.
  • Doesn’t expect oil production in U.S. to decline.
  • U.S. crude producers can handle decline in oil prices.

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