Legion Meter Charges Your iPhone, Android Phone Twice As Fast

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Our gadgets have become more powerful, and with it, they have become more power hungry as well. In the good old days of feature phones, our devices were charged quickly and lasted for many days, unlike these days when we have to charge our smartphone or tablet everyday. When we look at the charging situation, one power outlet is always occupied with the charger, and we’re always charging something, if not our smartphone, then our tablet. Even the battery saver apps that claim to save battery life don’t have any significant impact on expanding it.

The problem these days is the time it takes to fully recharge our smartphones and tablets. It normally takes a few hours to fully recharge, and if you’re still using it while charging, then you expect it to take more time to recharge. Now, thankfully, there’s a new Kickstarter project that aims to minimize the time it takes to charge smartphones and tablets.

What is Legion Meter?

Legion Meter is the device that is a “USB multimeter with integrated OLED display designed to accelerate your smartphone or tablet’s charge speed up to 92% faster.” The device sits between the USB port and the charging cable. As you can see in the above image, it looks just like a dongle. It also features a built-in multimeter for displaying voltage, power, current, and milliwatt hours on the integrated OLED display.

Apart from charging faster, there’s more to it. Legion Meter can also charge your iPad directly from a standard USB port on your computer. If you’ve ever tried to charge your iPad by connecting it to your computer, then you know that it doesn’t charge that way, and you’ll need to connect it to a wall outlet. With Legion Meter, you simply need to place it correctly, and your iPad will start charging from your computer.

Legion Meter is compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad. It will retail for $69 once fully funded, but for the time being, you can grab it for a discounted price of $49. At the time of writing this, this project has already received an overwhelming response, surpassing its goal of $10,000 and securing $261,494 in funding with 23 more days to go.

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