Apple vs FBI: Fox News Host Warns Of Returning To BlackBerry Ltd

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BlackBerry might get a new celebrity user: Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle. The host has threatened to abandon Apple if it does not comply with the court order to provide help to the FBI to unlock the iPhone obtained from a terrorist, says a report from BGR.

Is Apple doing the right thing?

During a discussion over Apple’s stance of not helping the FBI disable the passcode security protocols on the terrorist’s iPhone, Guilfoyle ripped into Apple and said the iPhone maker is creating too much of a fuss about helping the FBI break into its device.

On the Feb. 17 edition of The Five, Guilfoyle warned, “Grow up and keep America safe, Apple. I’m going to go back to BlackBerry, you guys suck and you might as well be unindicted co-conspirators.”

She said that Apple has let ISIS win with this decision and asked the company whether they are supporting ISIS or America. BlackBerry smartly pounced upon the opportunity and re-tweeted the video in which we can see the entire thing happening on the show. This suggests that the Canadian firm probably supports the idea that Apple should have extended its support to the FBI and complied with the court order by allowing the agency to bypass its security procedures.

Meanwhile, Apple has won the support of several Silicon Valley tech companies which think it is doing the right thing by not helping the FBI hack its own devices as this can set a bad precedent.

Windows, BlackBerry disappearing

Research firm Gartner recently released the fourth quarter figures for mobile operating system market share, revealing that 98.4% of the market is using iOS and Android, while Windows Phone and BlackBerry are about to disappear with unbelievably low shares. A major 80.7% market share comes under Android, up from 76% in 2014.

With Android gaining, Apple’s iOS declined from 20.4% to 17.7% globally in the same time period. BlackBerry’s OS share was 0.5% in 2014, and now it is just 0.2%. For Windows, the market share declined from 2.8% in 2014 to 1.1% despite the company launching new Windows 10 smartphones.

It seems that BlackBerry knows very well that users are moving on; therefore, it rightly made a foray into Android with the Priv smartphone, which boasts a powerful battery and better camera along with a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

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