Kim Jong-un Debuts New Hairstyle

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The Dear Leader of North Korea has stepped out with a new hairstyle, and it is pretty unique.

The cut would best be described as a wedge of slicked back hair highlighted by the closely shaven sides of his head. A meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea was the venue for its revelation, and attendees presumably had to hide their amusement at the vertiginous hairstyle perched on top of Kim Jong-un’s exceedingly round face.

Eyebrows could not escape

Kim Jong-un seemingly has an eye for details too. As if the haircut itself wasn’t attention-grabbing enough, he has also partially shaved off his eyebrows, leaving them looking like a pair of tiny caterpillars.

However light-hearted our reaction to the new hairstyle may be, its wearer had other, altogether more serious, ideas. He used the meeting to encourage his followed to “wage an all-party intensive campaign against abuse of power, bureaucratism, irregularities and corruption.” Perhaps he spent his time in the barber’s chair ruminating on this intensive campaign, but we will never be completely sure.

Kim Jong-un: style icon?

Twitter exploded with speculation as to where exactly the North Korean leader got the inspiration for his unique creation from. One user spotted an uncanny resemblance to American TV personality DJ Pauly D, while another claimed that Jong-un was getting up to speed with the latest fashions in Moscow before he visits the city in May.

Reports from last year claimed that the North Korean leader had ordered male students to adopt his haircut, but it is not yet known whether a new directive will follow related to Jong-un’s latest style. Male students must be hoping the towering hair-do remains a strictly personal choice.

North Korea has been in the news again of late, largely related to the strengthening of ties with Russia. It has been argued that Russia is trying to strengthen North Korea to act as a thorn in the side of the U.S., perhaps drawing attention away from Russia itself.


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