Is There Anything Worse Than A Democrat in the State of Alabama?

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Former President Jimmy Carter has long maintained that “America deserves a government as good as its people.” By the same logic, Alabama deserves a U.S. Senator as good as its people. In a special election to be held on December 12th, the voters of Alabama will need to make a tough choice. They can vote for an accused child molester – or for a Democrat. As of right now, the Republican candidate, Judge Roy Moore , appears to be in a close race with the Democrat, Doug Jones.

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In most other parts of the country a candidate accused of deviant sexual behavior might be almost automatically disqualified from holding office. Even in the libertine city of New York, Congressman Anthony Weiner was forced to resign for the much less serious crime of sexting.
Judge Roy Moore adamantly denies the allegations, and hopes that Alabamans vote for him because he would better represent their own views. So exactly what are his views?
Because he considers himself a highly religious man, let us begin with his belief that the laws of God supersede the laws of man. In other words, the bible trumps the U.S. constitution. Therefore, we must ignore the first amendment’s separation of church and state, and its forbidding the establishment of an official religion.
Moore was twice removed as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for defying federal court orders. First, he refused to remove a two-and-a-half-ton stone rendition of the ten commandments, Then, back in office years later, he ordered probate judges to refuse to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
He also believes that catastrophic events such as 9/11 and the deadly assault on the elementary school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, were God’s acts of retribution for our nation’s wicked ways.
A highly moral individual, Judge Roy Moore abhors homosexuality. In 2007 he stated that “Homosexuality should be illegal.” As far as is known, Judge Roy Moore has had little to say about pedophilia.
A long-time so-called birther, Judge Roy Moore not only denies that President Barack Obama was born in the United States, but that he is a secret Muslim. He also maintains that Muslims should not be allowed to serve in Congress.
Again, in most of America, this worldview would not just be an outlier: it would be considered plain nuts.
But not, evidently, in Alabama. So to paraphrase Jimmy Carter, on December 12th the people of Alabama will get the senator they deserve.
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