Job Satisfaction: Facebook And Google Top List, But…

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For anyone working or wanting to work in the tech industry there are a number of companies at which a position might be seen as a dream job. Organisations such as Facebook and Google are known for modern offices, great perks such as gourmet cafeterias, nap pods, massage rooms and free hair cuts – not to mention the sizeable salaries – but does this equate to job satisfaction, and which tech companies do have the happiest workers?

Let’s take a look at the following research compiled by ecardshack to discover how the big tech names stack up against each other in terms of how happy their employees are at work.

Job satisfaction vs early career median pay: Key findings

The first graph below looks at worker job satisfaction in relation to early career median pay and the results are perhaps unsurprising. The findings here are that the higher an employee’s wage early in their career, the greater their level of job satisfaction.
The companies coming out on top here are Facebook and Google who pay the most to early career employees. However, Apple has the same worker satisfaction level as Google, despite paying less on average to early career workers.

Job satisfaction vs mid-career median pay: Key findings

The second graph examines mid-career workers and shows, as for early career employees, that the more they are paid, the greater their job satisfaction.
Google again is out ahead of most of the pack here, paying more than most companies at this career stage and having a higher satisfaction level than all but one other tech company. Paying even more and with a yet higher satisfaction level is Salesforce.

Job satisfaction vs median age: Key findings

The third graph shows how satisfied workers are in their jobs, in relation to their age. The results here show quite clearly that on average, the younger an employee is, the more satisfied they are in their role.

Job satisfaction vs years of experience: Key findings

Interestingly the fourth graph here looks at how satisfied workers are, in relation to how much experience they have at their tech company. The trend revealed is that, perhaps surprisingly, the less experienced a worker is at a given tech company, the more satisfied they are.

Job satisfaction vs years with company: Key findings

The fifth and final graph shows, similarly to with job satisfaction vs experience, that staying at a tech company is likely to lead an employee to become less satisfied at work.

Overall Facebook employees are the happiest at work, thanks to their highest early career salary and lower levels of stress than their industry colleagues.


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