Jim Collins Interviews Jorge Paulo Lemann And Gisele Bundchen (Well Sort Of)

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Jim Collins Interviews Jorge Paulo Lemann And Gisele Bundchen (Well Sort Of) by Brian Langis

Jim Collins (Good to Great) got to interview business genius Jorge Paulo Lemann from 3G Capital (Dream Big) and supermodel Gisele Bundchen, which also happens to be Tom Brady’s wife. One is interesting to listen to and the other is interesting to look at. I will let you guess who’s who.  I’m not sure what connects Jorge and Gisele, but they are both Brazilian and they are both have a lot of success globally. After all this was the Brazil Conference at Harvard & MIT. I read a lot about Jorge and his story. It’s incredible what he and his group has accomplished. He’s also really close to Jim Collins. Jorge is usually not big on media stuff, so this interview is a very special one. I don’t know too much about Gisele but I think she is (or was) the highest-paid model in the world. In 2015, Forbes estimated Bundchen’s annual income at $44 million. I think she’s making more money than Tom Brady.

For more on Jorge Paulo Lemann and 3G Capital, be sure to check out my post on Dream Big.

Here’s some inspirational notes from the video:

Jorge Paulo:
“Dreaming big or dreaming small take the same amount of effort so you might as well dream big. So that is easy. The people factor is something that you really have to work hard at. Most people think of business as selling a product or you have a very good product to sell or you have a very special strategy. After I began attracting very good people to work for me, I found that was more powerful than what you were doing or what the product was. Just getting the right people on board then you would find something interesting to do. It is a continuous effort though.”
Jim Collins:
“Most of us come at life as a series of ‘What’ questions. What am I going to do? What career? What company? It’s about what…What? What? What? And I think what Jorge Paulo shifted to early in his life was that the first questions are always ‘Who?’. Who are you going to allow to mentor you? Who do you want to spend your time with? You can be doing a lot of ‘Whats’ with your life, but if you’re not doing it with people you love doing it with, it’s really hard to have a great life.”
Jim Collins:

[drizzle]“Luck favors the consistent. You’re going to have good hands and bad hands in life. And you might get a bad hand early. You might go broke at 26. You might have come from a difficult place. If you see life as coming down from a single hand, then it’s very easy to lose. Because what if that’s a bad hand? But if you look at it as ‘Life is a series of hands’, and the key is to play every hand to the best of your ability; sometimes you get good hands, and sometimes you get bad hands. But you’ve got to stay at the table. You’ve got to stay in the game and keep playing.”

Jim Collins:
If Steve Jobs would have quit after he was fired from Apple, none of use would have iPhones.
Here’s the video. The video audio out of my speaker wasn’t excellent but it works fine with headphones, so I think its the video. Jim is the host and the setup is a conversation between two friends. Gisele is only interviewed for only about 5 minutes. She starts in Portuguese then realizes Jim Collins doesn’t speak Portuguese and switch to English.

Jorge Paulo Lemann

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