Jeff Bezos on Amazon, Business and Life/Work

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Jeff Bezos on Amazon, Business and Life/Work

Published on Sep 1, 2016

A interview with the fifth richest man in the world Jeff Bezos (September 2016). In this interview Jeff discusses his thinking behind Amazon and how he got it started. Jeff also goes on to talk about growing up and how he feels lucky at the teachers and opportunities he had. Some invaluable wisdom given by Jeff is his idea that you should view big decisions as your eighty-year-old self, by doing this you will see if that fear at present time is really warranted.

Jeff Bezos is CEO and Founder of

Video Segments:
0:13 When did you get the idea to start Amazon?
0:40 What enabled you to act on that insight?
2:26 What did people say when you quit your job to start our own company?
5:34 Starting from zero?
12:56 Fundraising?
14:04 Assessing the odds?
15:50 Growing up ?
24:52 How did you get along with your siblings?
26:23 Princeton University?
31:04 What did you plan to do when you left Princeton?
32:55 Challenges of a growing company?
35:25 Dealing with stress?
37:18 What about this work gives you the greatest satisfaction?
38:467 Advice for the young?
41:35 The responsibility of success?
42:58 What’s important to you and why?
45:34 Concerns over technologies role in our lives?

Interview Date: May 4th, 2001
Event: Academy of Achievement
The Academy of Achievement interview supporting document:
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