One Of A Kind James Bond Car To Be Auctioned Next Year

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James Bond is back with the premier of “Spectre” in the UK and Ireland tonight (U.S. release is November 6) and he’s driving an Aston Martin that was specifically designed for the film and will not go into production.

James Bond cars through the years

Ever since Sean Connery made his debut as James Bond in the 1962 film Dr. No, Bond’s car and its myriad gadgets have featured prominently in each film since. Bond has driven everything from AMCs to Jaguars, Audis to BMW, and quite a few in between. In the books by Ian Flemming, who created Bond, Bond was almost exclusively a Bentley man.

In “Spectre,” Bond is driving an Aston Martin DB10 that was made specifically for the movie a first. Ten of the cars were made for the film with only two surviving the shooting.

“This is the first time we created a car that was completely bespoke for Bond,” said David Adams, a spokesperson at Aston Martin.

Of those remaining two cars, one will be auctioned off next year. No word has been given yet about what price Aston Martin will be looking to raise, but there is little question that it will likely reach into seven figures. Over a million dollars is certainly a lot to pay for a car, but it’s even a more substantial price tag given that the car won’t be street legal. That will likely mean it’s destiny lies in a collector’s garage.

Not Bond’s first Aston Martin

Bond’s DB5 is probably the most iconic car to have come out of Q branch equipped with machine guns an ejection seat and a number of other gadgets and accessories.

Bond’s DB5 made its premier in the 1965 “Goldfinger” and was also driven by Sean Connery. That same car made its return in the 2012 “Skyfall” this time driven by Daniel Craig who is returning to the role of James Bond for the fourth time when the movie opens this evening.

Including “Spectre” James bond will have driven an Aston Martin in 11 films.

Both Aston Martin and the studio responsible for “Spectre” have stayed quite tight-lipped about what gadgets are included with the DB10 used in the film.

No production for the villain’s car either

The unnamed villain of “Spectre” is also driving a car that will not go into production, the Jaguar C-X75. Seven of these were made for the film but none of them will be sold according to sources at the studio.

Jaguar Land Rover also provided seven Range Rover Sport SVRs and 10 customized Land Rover Defenders.

While the one DB10 will be sold, those interested in something similar could see it in the DB11 that will go on sale in 2016 and incorporate elements of the DB10 that is designed after a shark.

Earlier this year, Aston Martin began selling 150 DB9s that have Bond branding and a price tag of £165,000 ($253,000).

A Visual History of James Bond’s Cars – Interactive Infographic

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