Iran Nuclear Deal Sets The Background For World War 3

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Major world powers reached a historic deal with Iran that would ensure that Tehran does not get nuclear weapons. In exchange for significantly scaling back its nuclear program, Iran will get relief from economic sanctions that have crippled its economy. While President Barack Obama hailed it as a major step towards a “more hopeful world,” politicians and experts from across the globe fear that the deal would bring the world closer to World War 3.

Obama has ‘planted the seeds of World War 3’

Conservative radio host Mark Levin said President Obama has “planted the seeds of World War 3.” Levin told Sean Hannity of Fox News that the deal was a “complete and utter disaster.” One day World War 3 will break out because of Obama’s actions today, he added. Obama likes to say that Kennedy and Reagan negotiated with the Soviets. But the Soviet Union already had nukes; Iran doesn’t have nukes yet, Levin argued.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney also voiced similar concerns. Cheney said Tuesday that Obama has now brought the world closer to a nuclear war than it has been since the second World War. The terms of the deal were inadequate to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. It will now prompt Tehran’s enemies in the Middle-East to develop their own nukes, leading to a potentially catastrophic arms race.

The terms of the deal dictate that the United Nations inspectors can check any suspicious facility in Iran within 24 days. Cheney argues that a 24 days of notice gives Iran plenty of time to prepare its facilities for UN observations, while secretly continuing to develop nuclear weapons.

Israel lambasts Obama over Iran deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lambasted Barack Obama in an interview with Lester Holt of NBC News on Wednesday. Netanyahu said the Iran nuclear deal posed a threat to both Israel and the United States. “Iran has killed more Americans than anyone other than Al-Qaeda,” Netanyahu said.

Now that sanctions have been lifted, Iran will get hundreds of billions of dollars to fuel its “terror and military machine.” An Iranian military general said earlier this year that Israel’s destruction was “non-negotiable.” Netanyahu contends Iran cannot be trusted with any nuclear program.

“Can you imagine giving a drug dealer 24 days’ notice before you inspect the premises?” asked Netanyahu. The Arab world has also shared Netanyahu’s wariness over the deal.

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