iPhone XI / iPhone 11: All New iPhones Will Have OLED Display

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The iPhone X recently hits stores and has been a huge sensation, sparking mass hysteria across the globe as users become accustomed with impressive new features. Receiving mostly favorable views, with just a few minor complaints here and there, Apple have raised the bar yet again, but what does the future look like for the iPhone?

iPhone XI Or iPhone 11

Well, Apple has a lot to live up too with the successor to the iPhone X, and people are already looking ahead to what is presumed to be called the iPhone XI or iPhone 11. Rumors have hit the internet surrounding the handset, though works on the new model are likely to be in the early stages. The iPhone XI or iPhone 11 will continue in the same vain as the iPhone X, facilitating the process with a blueprint to build on. To add fuel to the speculation, an executive at KGI securities had something to say about future Apple releases, claiming there will be two iPhones in 2018.

These are expected to come equipped with the OLED display technology used on the iPhone X, retaining the stainless steel frame. One major difference will be to the steel frame on the phone, which will be modified to improve Wi-Fi data transmission and cellular connections. Whether these will be the only new iPhones released in 2018 remains to be seen, but the news has already sparked interest among technology enthusiasts who are eager to see what the iPhone XI or iPhone 11 has to offer. 2018 is set to be the year when Apple makes a committed transition to OLED displays, especially since Tim Cook has been quoted saying the iPhone X will lay the foundation for the next ten years.

This suggests the iPhone X is a prototype for future development, setting the standard and providing a framework to develop from. There has been talk about whether the iPhone XI or iPhone 11 will receive a TrueDepth camera on the back, but recent reports suggest the technology won’t be incorporated on the back camera. The Face ID feature currently functions with the front camera, and the introduction of facial recognition software makes Apple the pioneers of this feature, and places them at least one year ahead of rival Samsung.

Though rear-facing face ID is unlikely, many specification upgrades are expected in alignment with technological advancements, and who knows exactly where Apple can reach as the sky is their proverbial limit. Face ID is set to completely replace the fingerprint scanner for good, as we transition to a new age of phone unlocking. Though Kuo has been accurate with his assumptions before, whether his comments on the iPhone XI or iPhone 11 are true remains to be seen, where it is difficult to say so early on.

One thing that seems certain is Apple will continue on their prominent run, and OLED displays will be remain. OLED has allowed for a vibrant screen with the current iPhone model, where colors are accentuated significantly to create a colorful, appealing backdrop. Though there is reason to believe the iPhone will continue with their steel setup, some believe the iPhone XI or iPhone 11 will actually include an aluminum build, which will bring the retail price of the handset down significantly.

One thing that remains up in the air is the naming of the model. Will it be called the iPhone XI or iPhone 11? Or will it have a different name altogether? There’s always something new waiting in the wings, so it’s hard to predict the exact timeline, but what we can assume is improvements are on the way. Apple’s ten year celebration was commemorated with the iPhone X, and next year will probably be a continuation of that. There will be different sizes available, but there’s no evidence to say precisely what will happen.

The iPhone XI or iPhone 11 is probably set for an October 18th release, but with lots subject to change over the next few years, we will have to be patient and wait. I hope you have found this article informative, and are now aware of Apple’s developments relating to their new handset. Though this news is mostly up for speculation, if you have anything to add to the conversation, or would like to post a question, please comment below to kick-start the discussion.

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