iPhone X Unboxing Videos Have Emerged On YouTube

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The iPhone X became available for pre-orders on October 27, and over the weekend, iPhone X unboxing videos began to  emerge online, revealing what’s coming in the box with the phone. Most of the videos offer detailed hands-on reviews of the iPhone X but also the full unboxing process, including setting up  Face ID, and much more information. We included some of the videos that we found to be the most detailed and descriptive.

One of the iPhone X unboxing videos that appeared on YouTube includes a guide that will help users set up Face ID and show how to get used to using iOS without the Home button that was ditched to achieve the bezel-less design.

In addition to the phone, the box also includes a set of Lighting headphones, a USB-A wall adapter and a Lighting cable. The box also contains a 3.5mm Lighting adapter and a SIM card removal tool. Most of the videos include a walkthrough for iOS 11 after the unboxing is complete.

One of the first videos that emerged online and is the first on our list came from the YouTube channel Gotcha. The video also shows us that the smartphone doesn’t enter “sleep” mode; instead, it moves to a pre-loaded demo mode. The video explaining this is in Spanish. However, even if you don’t speak Spanish, it’s easy to figure what is what the video is about. It is also a great tutorial to swiftly get used to the new controls.

Lots of other videos emerged on YouTube this week, and they offer more detailed looks. One of them is a “hands-on review,” provided by Booredatwork.com on YouTube,. It also offers a demo of Animoji and ARKit and explains how to use iOS on the smartphone.

The third video we included on the list, also released by booredatwork.com, provides a detailed guide for setting up Face ID. The iPhone X user on the video carefully sets up Face ID and uses it to unlock his smartphone. Face ID is one of the significant differences between the iPhone X and previous models, which featured Touch ID. However, with the removal of the Home button, Apple had to add a new recognition system to its iPhone X.

These iPhone X unboxing videos are quite exciting, and below you can take a look at all the videos we included. The smartphone will hit stores on November 3 and begin shipping to customers who pre-ordered it on Friday.

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