iPhone X Price Is So High In India, It’s Cheaper To Fly To Hong Kong To Get It

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If you live in India and are looking for the iPhone X price in India, your mind will be blown. I’m sure you were already shocked the instant you saw the headline to this article, and yes, it really does cost that much. Hope you’re already making your travel plans if you’ve decided that you absolutely must have Apple’s greatest phone yet.

iPhone X price in India is shocking

Even Americans may balk at the iPhone X price despite all the pre-launch price leaks which may have been merely to prepare them for the idea of paying about US$1,000 for their next iPhone. Wall Street analysts have already been debating whether consumers in the U.S. will pay that much. Perma-bulls will be positive that they will, but other analysts may not be so sure. And in India, where the average household income is much smaller than that of the average U.S. household, it’s an entirely different story.

According to India Today, the iPhone X price in India will be so high that it would actually save you money to fly to Hong Kong, buy one there, and then fly back. The iPhone X price in India is set at Rs 89,000 for the models with 64GB of internal storage. The 256GB models are priced at Rs 102,000. Apple’s highest-end iPhone will be available in India on Nov. 3, the same date it will be available in the U.S. and the other markets that it’s landing in first.

The 256GB iPhone X is priced at HK$9,888, which makes it Rs 80,999 in Indian rupees, based on the current exchange rate.

Make your travel plans now… but note our sarcasm here

India Today checked flights between various cities in India and Hong Kong in early November and found the least expensive flights to be about Rs 20,000. For example, flying out of Kolkata will cost a little more than Rs 17,000. Flying from other parts of India will cost a bit more. Flights from Bangalore to Hong Kong are about Rs 19,000 in the first week of November, while flying out of Delhi will cost you about Rs 20,000. Flights out of Mumbai will set you back a little more than that, but ultimately, it will still save you money.

If you’re buying the 256GB iPhone X, you’ll end up paying about Rs 101,000, including your flight and the iPhone itself, of course. That doesn’t include any food, however. If this sounds like a joke, in a way it is, the website clarifies. For those who are able and willing to pay such a high iPhone X price in India, the phone is a status symbol because the average Indian can’t afford it. According to Gallup, as of 2013, the average Indian household only brought in about Rs 40,000 a year, so they would have to work for more than two years just to buy the 64GB model, and that doesn’t assume any housing, food or other basic living expenses.

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