iPhone X’s New Default Ringtone, Reflection, Sounds Amazing

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You can now download the Reflection ringtone, which is the iPhone X’s new default ringtone, on other smartphones.

iPhone X New Default Ringtone Reflection

As you may already know, Apple’s iPhone X, which is to appear on store shelves on Nov. 3, brings a lot of innovations to users. Just some of its features include a bezel-less Super-RETINA screen with only a notch at the top for a front-facing camera, a superior TrueDepth camera, and Face ID, a new recognition system that replaces Touch ID. Still, that’s not all of the iPhone X’s innovations. We are not used to Apple adding new default ringtones to their iPhone. However, the iPhone X is coming out sporting a new ringtone, and it sounds fantastic.

The iPhone X’s new Reflection ringtone is the first new default ringtone introduced since iOS 7. Most users have been used to hearing the Opening ringtone, which was introduced back in the iOS 7 days. The Reflection ringtone is, though, the iPhone X’s new default ringtone. Moreover, since it’s available online, you will get to listen to it before the iPhone X officially launches on Friday.

Nevertheless, if you grew fond of the Opening ringtone, the current default on iPhones, you will be able to choose it again from the Sound settings. Of course, you will be able to choose other ringtones you think would suit you better. To do that, go to “Settings,” to “Sounds” and then tap the “Ringtone” pane. If you take a closer look at the list of ringtones, you will see that the original iPhone ringtone, Marimba, from the 2007’s first iPhone, still has its place among the other ringtones.

If you set up your iPhone X from an iCloud backup, you will save your current ringtone settings, and your ringtone won’t change once you start using it. Still, you’re able to choose a new ringtone by going to the preferences, in case you want to test it out.

We got to hear the Reflection ringtone for the first time on Twitter, thanks to the developer, Guilherme Rambo, who shared the audio for reflection on this social media.

After the sound was released, a Reddit user got into the iOS 11.1 code and created a downloadable copy which can be found here and installed on devices other than the iPhone X.

We will have to wait and see what additional features are hidden in the iPhone X, that Apple didn’t want to reveal at the big event this fall. What do you think about the Reflection ringtone?

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