What Is The Price Of iPhone X Airpower Wireless Charging Pad?

What Is The Price Of iPhone X Airpower Wireless Charging Pad?
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The iPhone X is scheduled for release soon, and though reviews have been favorable, some believe the handset represents Tim Cook’s rushed vision of the future. Reviewers have generally been given the handset for just a day, and therefore have just a short window to make a properly informed judgment on the handset which others can benefit from.

Some have conspired Apple have deliberately given reviewers such a short space of time to review the phone, since users will have less time to discover and reveal flaws which may become apparent over time. The iPhone X is remarked for being all screen, and many thought the physical design would be much bigger than it is in reality, where it measures at just 5.8 inches. Though performance has been elevated tenfold, one of the most pressing issues on the mind of consumers is the OLED screen and the compatibility of Face ID.

Despite minor sunlight issues relating to the Face ID technology, where it occasionally fails to function in direct sunlight, the iPhone X is all systems go, and will be met with high appraise from customers. The OLED option is a winner from the jump, where the ‘super retina’ screen enhances vivid and bright colors. It looks fantastic, which in accordance with prime performance suggests Apple could be onto a winner as they mark their tenth anniversary.

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The new handset is primed to become the norm for Apple, and the updated phone is positioned perfectly to impress consumers across the globe. A new feature with the handset is wireless charging through a functional device that Apple are referring to as ‘AirPower’, but many are left wondering about the Price of AirPower. Apple aren’t selling their own charging pad yet, but the model does support the Mophie charging pad, which is currently priced at $59.99.

Though the Price of AirPower is yet to be revealed, Apple recently previewed AirPower as a facility that will be coming out next year, though the official release date is unknown. News did however surface from a Polish retailer, who has published a listing for AirPower which indicates a rough starting price for the charging pad. The validity of the listing is uncertain, but the speculation has created intrigue which has resonated among technology buffs.

AirPower is expected to support up to three compatible devices through simultaneous wireless charging, and will only work with the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / X, and the new Apple Watch Series 3. The Polish retailer previously mentioned is known as X-kom, and they are currently listing the product at $270, aligned with the consensus that the Price Of AirPower will be around $199. Apple currently charges $80 for their standalone Apple Watch Charging Dock, which utilizes a standard Apple Watch charging connector. The new premium AirPower charger will be a highly convenient luxury, thus justifying the elevated future price of AirPower, which seems mostly wireless, but is somewhat expensive. If you currently own Apple’s AirPods, you’ll be required to buy a new charging case to support wireless charging compatibility. Apple is encouraging users to make multiple purchases to capitalize on product benefits, a strategic move that will undoubtedly drive a higher ROI.

As you can see, the future of wireless charging is bright and lucrative. We hope from reading this article you have gained a better understanding of wireless charging, particularly regarding the price of AirPower. If you’d like to add anything to the conversation, or feel as if we’ve left anything out, be sure to comment below to kick-start the discussion.

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