How To Recover And Save Your Wet iPhone

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You’re going about your daily routine, when all of a sudden on careless hand movement send your precious and expensive iPhone diving into a cup of water…. We all either now someone who this has happened to, or have been in this situation ourselves, but what if anything can be done to save your phone or at least save the precious memories contained within it?

How To Save Your Wet iPhone – There is Hope!

The first thing to do is, don’t panic! We’re going to provide you with some tips that if you follow them correctly could give you some chance at saving both the iPhone and your pictures and videos within.

However, and to be straightforward with you. If you have dropped the iPhone into a fizzy drink or soapy water then there is already a good chance that the phone and its contents are gone, due to internal damage caused by these types of liquids.

Now follow these Steps:

  1. Don’t Switch the iPhone on

It seems to be a default go to reaction that whenever something doesn’t appear to be working people always attempt to turn it on. DON’T!!! Doing so could damage the already fragile internal components of your handset and may even cause a short-circuit!

Additionally, if your handset was already switched on well it fell into the liquid, you should switch it off (this could be risky to, but it’s best to be off for the next steps)

  1. Strip it Down

Once you’ve secured your device it’s now time to strip it down, so remove any exterior protection you have like a case or screen protector. Doing this can remove any excess fluid that is trapped between the iPhone and them.

  1. Dry the Phone

Next you will need to give the iPhone time to dry out, you can help this process by uses a dust free cloth and mopping up any further excess fluid around vulnerable areas such as the headphone and power ports plus any buttons.

Pay particular attention to how firm you are when cleaning near or inside any open ports as the idea here is to remove excess fluid and drive move any deeper inside the handset.

  1. Remove the Sim Card

It’s now time to remove the Sim Card, it is likely that there may be some excess water in the tray, so use the cloth mentioned earlier to gently wipe it away. You may also now give the iPhone a gentle shake, doing so may remove so liquid.

  1. Pack the iPhone in Silicon or Uncooked Rice

The first thing to do at this point is to resist the urge to plug in your hairdryer and blast the iPhone from all directions. As this could drive any water deeper into the iPhone as and such cause even more damage, which could make it a lost cause!

Have you recently purchased a large electrical item? If the answer is yes and you’ve kept the box, there is a good chance that there will be quite a few of those little silica bags inside. You will now need to bury your iPhone inside a container surrounded by those silica bags and leave it alone for at least 48-hours.

Another method to remove the moisture is to use uncooked rice, for this to work you need to place the phone in a bowl and completely submerge it in the rice (completely cover it). And then as with the first method leave it for 24-hours.

Both materials have been shown to be effective at removing moisture, as for which one is the better, we’d suggest start with the silica bags.

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