iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7: Check Out The Difference

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The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are now available to purchase. Pre-orders have been sent out and some people that placed their orders early for the devices are already enjoying the latest smartphone from Apple. Of course, the iPhone X is the giant looming over the horizon but let’s forget about it for now. The iPhone 8 is here so let’s focus on that. If you want, you can go pick one up right now assuming your nearest retailer hasn’t sold out (I just called a few stores near me and only one small carrier store didn’t have any available). However, is the iPhone 8 worth it if you already have an iPhone 7? Do you even know the differences between these devices?

I know what time it is… Time for an iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 showdown.

As you can see by running through the chart below; these two devices have more similarities than differences. Apple is known for their iterative updates and this is no different. With that said, there are some minor differences that may attract a few people to spend some money and update their device. Let’s take a look in a little more detail.

First, the design and display. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 have identical display sizes and resolutions. If you were hoping to get a better video watching experience or better viewing angles from the iPhone 8 then you may be disappointed. Both displays are very good but they are noticeably behind some other flagship devices like the Galaxy S8, for example. In terms of design, the two devices are very similar. While the iPhone X marks a whole new direction for iPhone design; the iPhone 8 is pretty much the same as the iPhone 7. The biggest difference is in build materials. The iPhone 7 uses an aluminum body while the iPhone 8 has a glass body. They both look great. Apple has always been known for their attention to design and even the biggest Android fanboys have to admit that Apple makes a sleek, sexy device. When you compare the iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 in the design department it really comes down to personal preference. You get a great display in both. The only question is whether you would prefer glass or metal.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 specs sheet

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7

Underneath the display and inside these two devices is where the differences start to show. The chipset is probably the biggest difference. One year newer, the A11 chipset is now the standard to beat in the smartphone world. We saw the benchmarks that compared the iPhone X to other flagships and it’s clear who the winner is. The iPhone 8 packs the same chipset as the flagship iPhone X which means you can get a flagship chipset across all of Apple’s iPhone models which is nice for those who don’t want to pony up the $999 for an iPhone X. This also gives you some measure of future proofing for yearly iOS updates. Of course, the A10 chipset is still great. The iPhone 7 handles iOS 11 like it’s no big deal and you can usually count on Apple chips to hold up alongside the newest software updates for 4 or 5 years before they start to feel slow.

The storage options are also different when comparing the iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7. If you already have an iPhone 7 then this may not factor much into your decision but if you are looking at a base model then you will get a little more storage to work with in an iPhone 8 as Apple has done away with the 32GB storage option in the iPhone 8. Now, the iPhone starts off with 64GB of storage which is pretty important these days for a device that has no expandable storage. I sort of wish that they iPhone 8 had a 128GB option like the iPhone 7. It would be nice to have a middle ground between the base model and the 256GB model that could save you a little bit of money.

Another big difference between the two devices is the addition of wireless charging in the iPhone 8. This is a large reason why the body changed to an all-glass design rather than staying with aluminum. Some people may not see the value in wireless charging while others may be excited. It’s not a feature that makes or breaks a device but it’s definitely nice to have, especially as places like Starbucks add more Qi wireless charging options. No more fighting over power outlets with strangers!

Ultimately, when comparing the iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 there aren’t any changes that make me say, “You MUST get the iPhone 8.” There are the obvious advantages like wireless charging, new chipset, and bigger base storage options but none of those are game changers. If you have an iPhone 7 and you want a revolutionary new iPhone: the iPhone 8 is not that iPhone. You want to wait for the iPhone X. If you are debating between the two devices and comparing the iPhone 7’s new price against the brand spanking new iPhone 8 then you might as well enjoy the latest and greatest if you plan on keeping the device for a few years. The changes offered in the iPhone 8 will make the device a solid smartphone to have in your pocket for the next 3 to 5 years if you aren’t the type of person that needs to have the latest and greatest thing.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7? Follow your heart and your wallet: they’re both great smartphones.

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