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iPhone 8 Concept Shows Off MacBook Pro-Like Touch Bar

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Could the iPhone 8 feature an onscreen touch area called “The Function Area?”. Similar to what is available on the MacBook Pro, this new onscreen area could replace the Home Button, and in part enable the enlargement of the display. As for where this rumor came from, here’s everything you need to know. Including renders showing what this new feature could look like.

iPhone 8 Insider Knowledge

According to recent reports, the well known KGI Securities Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo predicted a function area back in February. In a report, he suggested that Apple would make room on the iPhone 8’s enlarged 5.8-inch display for this so-called function area. One reason for this new features is the removal of the physical Home Button; it’s thought that a virtual version will be included in this new on-screen area.

iDrop News Renders

Now it looks as though the online publication iDrop News has taken on board Ming Chi-Kuo’s function area beliefs to create some beautiful renders. Working with the well-known concept artist Benjamin Geskin, they have created what looks like the rumored 10th-anniversary iPhone 8.

Now, iDropNews has decided to release the renders to the public, meaning we can take a look. The first render above shows how the iPhone 8 may look with a function area. We think it looks very similar to the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, do you?

The Function Area

As for what the function area is, or will do. Ming Chi-Kuo has suggested that it will work much like the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro. While in use it will offer an iPhone 8 owner a row of virtual buttons. These buttons will change depending on the app being used or the needs of iOS.

Now, it is hoped that Apple won’t follow Samsung which has placed the Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor on the rear. Instead, Kuo thinks Apple will embed the Touch ID sensor into the function area. You can see what this may look like via the image below. You can clearly see the Touch ID, and it looks fantastic.

iPhone 8 with Touch ID in the Function area Touch Bar
Image Source: iDrop News

Other features of the function area could include media, and call controls, as well, as sharing options for Safari. In fact, when taking a close look at these iDrop News renders, it appears that Geskin has added editing tools. These could be related to the Photos app; they would certainly be a welcome short cut.

Other Features

As you can imagine, bringing onboard such a renowned designer as Geskin, means he can probably read between the lines. Probably guessing at what Apples next move in terms of design may be. In this next render, this shows, as he moves away from the iPhone 8’s function area. And instead, takes a look at the rear of the device.

iPhone 8 function area touch Bar
Image Source: iDrop News

As you can see, in the image the orientation of the camera lenses is different to what we’ve seen before. As is Truetone flash, both are vertical, whether this is for design purposes or provides some practical is not known. But, it certainly would be a welcome edition to the iPhone 8.

Finally, there’s the Function area’s use of what looks like a mini-music player, of course, this is Apple Music based.

Final Thoughts

We’ve seen some gorgeous looking iPhone 8 renders of the past few months, but are these the best; we’re not sure. Yes, they do reveal the function area, and we certainly hope that is real. However, as designs go, we hope Apple surprises everyone by revealing something that no one expected or imagined. Not even Benjamin Geskin, iDrop News, or Ming Chi-Kuo.

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