Will The Apple’s iPhone 8 Look Like This? [CONCEPT]

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Come this point in the Month of September; it’s possible that the next iPhone will be on sale. However, little if anything is officially known about what could be the iPhone 8. Yes, rumors are suggesting it will feature a radical new design. But, with Apple remaining tight-lipped on the matter all we have is rumor and expert insiders to guide us. So, what are they saying about the Cupertino-based giant’s next device, will it keep the same design. Or will it be a radical departure from the norm?

iPhone 8 And The Size Convention

Could 2017 be another year of one standard sized iPhone and another Plus sized device? Apparently, due to the nature of this year’s handset launch, it’s thought that Apple may do something to shake up this one little, one big notion. Instead, opting to launch a third iDevice alongside the Plus and standard.

However, remember those expert insiders we mentioned earlier, according to some of them. There could indeed be a third iPhone, but, this alone will be the iPhone 8. As for the other two, they will be a 7s and a 7s Plus; these will offer improvements over their predecessors but nothing radical.

As for the radical iPhone 8, here are some exciting and possible design features.

5.8-inch WrapAround Display

If you’ve been following the almost daily reports about the next handset, you won’t be surprised to read it will have a 5.8-inch display. However, you may be shocked when we tell you Apple is serious about it being of the wraparound variety.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review this wraparound will include a incredibly thin bezel. Combined with curved edges and OLED panels sourced via Samsung. The first ever featured on an iPhone, meaning the iPhone 8 if all this tech appears will have a radical display.

iPhone 8 white by Benjamin Geskin

No Home Button

If you’re looking for a rumor, which has more chance of being based on fact than others. The no Home Button one has been around since before both iPhone 7’s were launched. And its common knowledge that Apple see’s the future of an edge-to-edge display being one that has no Home Button. In fact, it’s this button and the inability to replace it that may have held Apple back from radical changes previously.

Recently, on the very subject Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities confirmed his belief that the iPhone 8 would indeed lack the button. He has reiterated his insider thinking, that doesn’t just point towards a smaller bezeled device. But, one that’s entire surface (think wraparound) will be the display. In turn, this will mean the fingerprint sensor and the Home Button will move from the to be defunct rounded button to the screen itself.

If accurate, this new home for both important features will mean not only will the iPhone 8 design be radical. But, also, the handset will be much more secure than previous devices.

iPhone 8 Geskin Mockups


Will Apple stick with its more standard colors for its 10th-anniversary model? We hope not, however, you can be sure a Jet Black, Matt Black, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold will appear. But what about something different? Just a few days ago Apple quietly introduced its Red iPhone 7 to the Apple Store along with the iPad. Could that color make it to the 8? There’s currently no chatter pointing towards that being the case. However, it could be one way in which the company further aids the charity RED, and further pleases iPhone fans.

Other colors being asked for around forums and blog commentary sections is White and Navy Blue. Both of which would not be new to an iPhone, but have proven to be popular in the past.

Glass and Stainless Steel Body

In what would be a dramatic departure from the norm, the iPhone 8 could abandon long-term building material that is aluminum. Instead, opting for stainless steel and glass. Recently, those who have insider knowledge contacted the DigiTimes. Informing it that Foxconn was working on the stainless steel chassis and glass with US-firm Jabil Circuit.

Images By: iDrop News.

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