iPhone 7 Rumors: No Antenna Bands, Flush Camera

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The rumor mill is already in overdrive concerning Apple’s iPhone 7, despite the fact that the next generation smartphone isn’t expected to launch until fall this year.

Apple usually releases its new iPhone around September, and there is nothing to suggest that the iPhone 7 will be any different. Despite the fact that Apple fans are months away from seeing the new smartphone, rumors are already swirling about what features it might include, writes Eric Slivka for MacRumors.

iPhone 7 Rumors: No Antenna Bands, Flush Camera

Flush camera and no rear antenna bands mean iPhone 7 will be sleek

According to a source cited by Slivka, who reportedly has a decent record, the iPhone 7 will look largely similar to the 6 and 6s. However there will allegedly be two notable differences in the design.

On previous generations of the iPhone, the rear camera has protruded slightly from the main body of the device. According to these latest rumors, the camera on the iPhone 7 will be flush with the casing thanks to an updated thinner camera module.

Although advances in other materials mean that smartphones have become steadily thinner, camera modules are holding back progress. Given their function, it is understandable that the modules have to remain a certain size.

Minimal aesthetic changes from previous generation smartphone

The camera may also be upgraded to a dual lens module on the iPhone 7 Plus, but it is likely that the smaller version will use a more traditional unit. Aside from the camera module it is expected that that antenna bands will be removed from the rear of the smartphone.

This move will allow for a cleaner aesthetic, leaving the back of the phone entirely metallic. The antenna bands that currently run around the sides, top and bottom edges are thought to still be present.

MacRumors’ source was not able to confirm whether the iPhone 7 will be any thinner than previous generations. That said any potential reduction would likely be minimal, and most users are likely to be pleased with the new flush camera if the other dimensions are unchanged.

Rumors are certainly going to continue flying in the next few months so stay tuned for the latest Apple iPhone 7 news.


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