The iPhone 7 Problems And Issues Users Are Facing

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The iPhone 7 has already generated a huge amount of headlines in its short lifetime, and mostly the response to the iconic smartphone has been positive. But there are always teething troubles with such a complicated product as the iPhone, and the release of the iPhone 7 has certainly proved no exception to this rule.

Numerous problems have been reported by iPhone users, with the issues ranging from minor quibbles to the seriously problematical.

iPhone 7 LTE connectivity

The latest reports suggest that Verizon subscribers are experiencing major difficulties with LTE connectivity. As always, Reddit has been bombarded with disappointed owners of the iPhone, with numerous users expressing their disgust at these problems.

It seems that the iPhone 7 is failing to automatically connect to LTE when the device is beyond Wi-Fi range. Although Verizon has replaced SIMs in some cases for users experiencing this difficulty, often the problem has persisted.

BMW issue

Drivers of BMWs have also bizarrely encountered iPhone 7 difficulties, with some owners of the premium German car wishing to connect the iPhone 7 to their in-car infotainment system experiencing Bluetooth connectivity problems. Audio playback has also been an apparent problem for many BMW owners hoping to utilize the iPhone 7.

It seems that this could be as much a problem with the BMW cars as the iPhone 7 itself, with the German car manufacturer having already issued a statement related to the problem. And the statement was not particularly helpful for many BMW owners, merely stating that Apple’s new smartphone has yet to be approved for usage with its vehicles.

Testing remains ongoing, but Apple updates to the iPhone 7 are expected to rectify the problem, even according to the account of BMW.

Airplane Mode

Apple is already aware of problems with the Airplane Mode included in the iPhone 7, with the Californian manufacturer acknowledging that activating this mode can result in a loss of cellular service. Updates will probably solve this problem in the future, but for the time being Apple is recommending customers to remove and reinsert the SIM card included in their iPhone device.


Other early reports related to the iPhone 7 suggest that the smartphone is experiencing a hissing sensation when pushed to the limits of its processing power. This can be very irritating when users are attempting to listen to music, yet the problem seems to be persisting for many iPhone 7 users.

It has been suggested that a suspect coil or electromagnetic effect is causing this problem, but it is interesting to note that it doesn’t seem to be a universal issue. Apple Insider suggests that it could involve the RF transmitter or some other form of interference with the speaker system.

Nonetheless, this is one issue related to the iPhone 7 that remains unsolved at the time of writing.


The media always pangs for dramatic problems with consumer electronics, and it certainly received a doozy in recent weeks with explosions related to the Galaxy Note 7. This is now being repeated with the iPhone 7, but perhaps in a less serious fashion for Apple.

One iPhone 7 user in Texas posted a series of pictures online indicating that this particular model of the smartphone had exploded in transit. While this made for some dramatic images and an engaging media story, there is no indication that this is anything other than a freak accident.


Several users have noted that the iPhone 7 is not particularly shatterproof, and have had unfortunate experiences when dropping the unit on its front. iPhone 7 owners are recommended to utilize the widely available cases in order to ensure that their handset remains in a satisfactory condition.

Smartwatch compatibility

New reports indicate that the iPhone 7 is incompatible with numerous major smartwatches, including Android Wear devices such as the second-generation Moto 360, Fossil Q, and $1,500 Tag Heuer. The issue was discovered a fortnight ago, but has yet to be satisfactorily resolved. This is somewhat disappointing, particularly as the Moto 360 is probably the most popular Android Wear device on the market. Obviously, Apple ultimately hopes for its consumers to utilize the iPhone 7 with an attendant Apple Watch, but will nonetheless probably fix this difficulty in the foreseeable future.

VoLTE problems

Aside from the previously mentioned Verizon problems, many iPhone 7 users also complained of having calls disconnected when VoLTE is in use. Interactive data usage and regular dropping of LTE connections have also been perennial difficulties since the iPhone 7 was released. However, there is at least a workaround to this difficulty, with users recommended to turn off VoLTE as a temporary fix.

EarPods malfunction

Another major issue that has been widely reported since the iPhone 7 was released is the apparent malfunctioning of the EarPods included with the device. And several users have reported that the Lightning EarPods have stopped working after being placed in the iPhone 7 Lightning port. This can be extremely irritating, preventing users from adjusting the volume control on the smartphone and answering phone calls. Again, a temporary solution is to remove the EarPods and then reattach them.

However, Apple fixed the problem in iOS 10.0.2, according to the Californian corporation, so performing a software update should simply rectify any issues. You can update your software by going to the Settings app > General > Software Update.

Scratching issues

As predicted by several analysts, the Jet Black version of the iPhone 7 has proved to be rather vulnerable to scratching. There is nothing that can ultimately be done about this; either accept the issue, be extremely careful with your iPhone 7, or buy a different color!

Home button sensitivity

Some iPhone 7 units have experienced problems with the pressure sensitive Home button, with the new feature exhibiting an inability to press inwards. The new Home button utilizes capacitive touch, and thus will not work with gloves or an armband. Capacitive gloves are available to purchase on websites such as Amazon, enabling users to keep hands covered in inclement weather, while also operating the Home button effectively. It’s also worth mentioning that you can change the Home button haptic feedback by going to Settings> General > Home Button> Choose Your Click.

Charging and listening to headphones

Finally, many users have been grumbling about the inability to listen to wired headphones and charge them simultaneously. This is something of an annoyance, but it can also be worked around by utilizing wireless headphones. Lightning cable splitters are also available for purchase, enabling users to perform these two critical acts at the same time.

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