Android Wear Suffering iPhone 7 Compatibility Issues

Android Wear Suffering iPhone 7 Compatibility Issues
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A few weeks after the release of the iPhone 7 there have been a number of issues that have come to light, with the latest affecting Android Wear smartwatches.

One of the best things about the Android Wear platform is that it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, albeit with reduced functionality on Apple products. However, it appears that some Android Wear smartwatches are having a tough time pairing with the new iPhone 7. A number of posts have appeared on Google forums discussing the issues with various devices.

Android Wear smartwatches do not pair with new iPhone 7

In various instances, new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus owners are reporting that their smartphone does not pair with their Android Wear smartwatch. This is despite the fact that they had no such issues with earlier editions of the iPhone.

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I’ve removed a list of affected devices at the request of a Google PR Team member today, even though the requested correction includes watches running Android Wear that were never included in this piece whose removal was also requested.

According to this spokeswoman by email, “The watches that currently experience the issue are Asus ZenWatch 2, Moto 360 2nd Gen, Moto 360 Sport, TAG Heuer Connected and Fossil Q Founder. 

Please note that Michael Kors is not included in this list, and Fossil Q Founder is the only Fossil watch that is affected. Similarly, not all Asus watches are included — only ZenWatch 2.
It looks like the issue is most likely a hardware issue as it only seems to be affecting iPhone 7 handsets. There have been no reports of problems with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s handsets running iOS 10.

Fix coming as soon as possible, says Google

As one user wrote on the Google forum: “I’ve got a TAG Heuer Connected that was working fine with my iPhone 6 even after I upgraded to iOS 10, but then since I unpaired to connect to my new iPhone 7 I haven’t been able to pass the pairing screen. I’ve tried with both phones, even tried to after downgrading the iPhone 6 to 9.3. I’ve also tried to a factory reset through the ‘Android dead robot’ as advised by TAG, but didn’t help, none of the phones get the code from the watch. Thanks!”

Google has said that it is investigating the issue and has notified Apple. Although there is currently no timeline for a fix, Google says that it will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Judging by one comment on the forum, it looks like the company would do well to move quickly. “I am having the same issue as well. I am going to watch this thread closely to see if we can get a patch?. I will give it a [minute] before I sell this watch and try to move on. I hope I don’t have too,” wrote one user.

Patch must arrive quickly

While the option of using both Android and iOS devices with Android Wear is a boon for users, some may stop using the smartwatches if they cannot connect to an iPhone 7. If Google takes too long to put out a patch we may see some users switching to the Apple Watch Series 2.

The new Apple wearable was released on September 16 and has drawn praise. Apple has made significant internal improvements to the second edition smartwatch, and consumers are suitably impressed.

As well as an improved battery, there is a brighter display, a GPS radio, a faster processor and better water resistance. The company has even employed patented technology which squirts water from the speaker grilles using sound waves.

It’s impressive stuff, and Google will want to be careful not to give Android Wear users an excuse to jump ship.


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