iPhone 7 Plus Dual-Camera To Be Solely Produced By LG [REPORT]

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Reports in Korea suggest that LG will be the exclusive supplier of the dual-lens camera which will appear in the forthcoming iPhone 7 Plus. Business Korea has picked up on this particular eventuality, and suggests that LG will have a strong link with Apple in the coming years. An industry source told the site that “LG Innotek will exclusively supply the dual-camera module to Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, which will come out in September this year.”

iPhone 7 Plus Dual-Camera To Be Solely Produced By LG [REPORT]

LG-Apple links

This comes on the back of the previous reports which suggest that LG will be the sole supplier of OLED screens for the forthcoming Apple Watch 2. This will mean that the Korean company is very intimately involved with Apple in the remainder of 2016, with both the iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch 2 expected to be unveiled in September, and indeed probably at the same event.

The dual-camera setup which is anticipated for at least some of the devices in the iPhone 7 generation will be the major innovation of the smartphone series. The dual-camera will enable Apple to significantly improve the photographic capabilities of the iPhone range, but it is particularly anticipated that the technology will improve the shooting of the iPhone 7 in lower light conditions.

Suggestions that Apple could release an iPhone 7 Pro with improved camera specs and possibly some other advantages over the iPhone 7 Plus have dampened down. This third iPhone 7 was widely expected at one time, and indeed the legendary Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had indeed predicted this. But it seems increasingly likely that there will be only two iPhone 7 releases, with the iPhone 7 Plus remaining the premium device in the flagship smartphone range.

Apple has a reputation for providing triplets of its product releases, and thus the improved iPhone 7 Plus will fit neatly into this ethos. The iPhone SE, unveiled back in April, would effectively be the bargain basement iPhone unit, with the iPhone 7 representing the mid-range release, and the iPhone 7 Plus the crème de la crème of Apple phones.

iPhone 7 Plus  advanced imaging

Another advantage of the dual-lens technology will be the ability to deliver different levels of physical zooming in the lens in the iPhone camera. It has also been reported in the media that Apple will utilize the analysis in order to improve the post-processing of images captured by the iPhone 7 camera.

LG is an obvious selection for the manufacturing of dual-lens cameras for the iPhone 7, as the corporation is already involved with this technology for its own G5 smartphone. The Korean corporation is expected to deliver similar standards of the technology for the iPhone 7, with Apple then optimizing the device via software in order to deliver a unique camera experience.

If Apple does indeed go with LG for the dual-camera iPhone 7 Plus, this will represent a major victory over Sony. The Japanese manufacturer of the PlayStation video games console had hoped to be involved with the iPhone 7, but it now seems that the Korean company has usurped its technology rival.

Competition rife

Apple will be releasing the iPhone 7 Plus into an increasingly competitive marketplace, and apart from LG it is also notable that Huawei already has a dual-lens handset available in the stores. The fact that a manufacturer associated with affordable smartphones has already embraced this innovative technology is indicative of the increasingly competitive smartphone marketplace, which is also coupled with a stagnation in Apple iPhone sales.

The Galaxy Note 6 is also expected to ship with a dual-lens camera just one month before the release of the iPhone 7, and this will open up an exciting battleground for phablets in the remainder of 2016. Samsung has reported some impressive sales and revenue figures recently, and there is no doubt that Apple is facing a challenge to its market supremacy for the first time in several years.

This has been reflected in the fact that Apple itself has predicted that it will shift less iPhone units in the remainder of 2016 than last year; the first time this would have occurred since the original iPhone was launched back in 2007. Integrating dual-lens technology in the iPhone 7 Plus will be the first step to a revolutionary iPhone release intended to push the perception of the iPhone back in a favorable direction next year.

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