iPhone 7 Plus: 3GB RAM For Dual-Camera Processing

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Seemingly not a day goes by without another rumor surfacing related to the Apple iPhone 7.

The next generation smartphone has been a hot topic online for months, with analysts and tech fans weighing in with their predictions on the next generation Apple smartphone. One of the most persistent rumors is that at least one model of the new iPhone will feature a dual-camera system.

iPhone 7 Plus: 3GB RAM For Dual-Camera Processing

Dual-camera system will need more RAM

This kind of system has already been seen on smartphones such as the LG G5. However analysts believe that the technology has not been used to its full capacity in its existing forms.

It is thought that Apple could improve on existing offerings with its own version of the dual-camera system. The innovation will reportedly bring better performance in low light to the iPhone 7.

The system works by combining images from the two lenses. The resulting final image is reportedly sharper and of better quality than the original two.

In order to make use of the dual-camera system the larger iPhone 7 Plus may make use of 3GB RAM. That is the latest rumor on the next generation smartphone from renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities.

Kuo makes iPhone 7 predictions

The extra memory will apparently be used to meet the processing load of the dual-camera system. Kuo has a good record of predicting Apple’s next moves, and he says that the new camera will be available on iPhone 7 Plus models.

Other analysts have speculated that the new camera would be available across the iPhone range, while some believe that it will only be introduced on a new iPhone 7 Pro. However Kuo says that it will be available on the larger iPhone 7 Plus alongside 3 GB RAM.

The existing iPhone 6s has 2GB RAM, but other rival smartphones are being released with 4GB. Kuo says that the smaller iPhone 7 will ship with 2GB RAM.

It looks like the dual-camera modules will be supplied by Sony and LG Innotek. Rumors would have us believe that the picture quality produced by the new system is comparable to that of DSLR cameras.

Kuo predicts that Apple will ship as many as 30 million iPhone 7 Plus handsets in the last two quarters of this year. The new iPhone is apparently going to be released in September, assuming that Apple sticks to its normal release cycle.

Rumors continue to swirl on next generation smartphone

Other persistent rumors about the iPhone 7 include the possible removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Apple is apparently obsessed with making its devices thinner and thinner, and the audio connection may fall victim to this trend.

It is thought that Apple will ship the iPhone 7 with headphones which connect via the Lightning port, or even a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Some audiophiles have criticized he move after pointing out that wireless headphones generally offer worse sound quality than corded ones.

The iPhone 7 may also see the introduction of wireless charging technology to the smartphone. While there may be some new features added to entice people to upgrade from the iPhone 6s, it seems that the iPhone 7 will look largely similar to its predecessor.

Those expecting a major overhaul are likely to be disappointed. The received wisdom is that Apple will make some tweaks this fall before going for a redesign with the iPhone 8.

One new feature in the iPhone 8 could be the switch from LCD displays to OLED screens. This would keep Apple up to speed with rival Samsung, which already uses OLED displays on its high-end devices.


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