If Apple Releases This New iPad Cover, You Will Want It

If Apple Releases This New iPad Cover, You Will Want It

Apple was granted a patent for a new type of tablet cover on Tuesday. The new tablet cover is better than what users can expect and features a flexible display and provides everything from sketching support to notification. Apple-tracking site 9to5 Mac first discovered the patent.

True innovation from Apple

Apple’s patent describes a cover that would look a little similar to the Smart Keyboard cover it sells with the iPad Pro. The patent is simply called “Cover attachment with flexible display.” The patented case would feature a stand mode, the ability to protect the screen and much more, just like the Smart Keyboard.

The back of the cover would, however, feature a display when it is in stand mode to prop up the screen to watch movies. This display shows notifications or information and give users control over what they are looking at on-screen. For example, users can press the play or pause buttons displayed on the stand while they watch a video on their iPad.

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The cover also comes in handy for art and sketch lovers. When the invention is being used in a notebook-like mode with the cover on the table and screen propped up, it would show a virtual keyboard and an area above the keys where users can sketch, according to Apple’s description. Also users can access apps through the icons on the display.

Better than the others

In the tablet market, so-called “smart covers” have become commonplace. For instance, Apple’s Smart Keyboard protects the screen and includes a physical keyboard for typing out messages. A similar keyboard-cover combo is offered by Microsoft as well, but Apple’s latest invention is much better. Apple has found a way make the cover far more useful by integrating flexible screens into its cover.

But the issue is that, like many other companies, Apple patents technologies at a fast rate. Often those technologies never come to the market and are just concepts companies want to protect. At some point in the future, they might be used in patent litigation.

Nevertheless, it would still be good to use a cover that is much better than the “smart covers” that are popular in the market today. The cover is even useful when closed to protect the screen of the iPad. It displays to-do lists, notifications, and other information. Overall, it can be said that the case is one protective, big, flexible screen that provides users with way more functionality and flexibility than the cover cases that are currently available.

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