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iPhone 7 Parody Ad Beautifully Depicts Our Addiction To Gadgets

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The iPhone 7 is still months, if not years, away from launch. We have seen a lot of iPhone 7 concept renderings, but none of them is as revolutionary as a new parody video created by New York-based Noka Films. And this video delivers a strong message about how addicted we have become to gadgets. The video was first spotted by AdWeek.

iPhone 7 Parody Ad Beautifully Depicts Our Addiction To Gadgets

The ad takes smartphone addiction to a whole new level

The ad imagines that Apple’s upcoming smartphone will not reside in your hand or pocket. Instead, it will be inserted straight into your brain as a neurological module. But there is a problem with installing your iPhone 7 inside your head. When the device malfunctions, so does your body. Your body will twist, turn hiccup and crash, and you have to go directly to your doctor to get an upgrade.

Titled Upgrade, the ad is the story of a woman experiencing a malfunction with an older model of her iPhone, the filmmakers told AdWeek. And she is “desperately seeking an upgrade.” People stare as she makes involuntary movements while walking down the street. She somehow makes it to the doctor in time for an upgrade.

Actual iPhone 7 may not be as revolutionary


The iPhones and other devices have become an integral part of out lives, and they have started to alter who we are. The video mocks our addiction to gadgets by showing a world where technology has taken over us. Apple has been an easy target for satire. Last month, Netflix released a video mocking Apple Watch with the fake launch of the Netflix Watch.

Apple’s iPhone 7 may not be as revolutionary as depicted in this video when it arrives later this year. However, the device will have some highly advanced features to give it an edge over rivals. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said that the device will have Force Touch technology that first appeared in Apple Watch. Since Force Touch can differentiate between a gentle tap and a hard press, it will allow users to interact with the iPhone 7 in a whole new way. The iPhone 7 is also expected to have voice unlocking feature.

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