Netflix Shares Smartwatch Spoof Video, Mocks Apple Watch

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Netflix recently shared a spoof video that made fun of the current wearables trend. The video advertises the fake Netflix Watch, which is essentially a smartphone attached to a watch band. The video shows different scenarios in which a person might find the watch useful.

Netflix’s latest parody

The scenarios in the video show people watching Netflix while running on the beach, waiting in traffic and going to the bathroom. It is a funny spoof all Netflix fans can appreciate.The popular entertainment streaming service did a similar spoof last year when it mocked Amazon’s new drone service for faster delivery. The spoof featured a video of small Netflix drones dropping DVD discs on people’s front lawns just seconds after ordering.

This spoof couldn’t have come at a better time. Pre-orders for the Apple Watch start Friday. The new smartwatch is expected to change the wearables industry, expanding it beyond fitness devices. The watch is the most personal Apple device to date. Customers can get their watch customized to fit their personality and needs. It merges style and function into one amazing device.

Netflix to debut Marvel series

Netflix and Marvel teamed up to bring Marvel’s Daredevil, a new series set to debut April 10. The first season will start with 13 episodes. It stars Charlie Cox as Matt Murdoch, the son of a professional boxer who is blind. He lost his vision as a child after he saved a man from a truck that carried hazardous chemicals. He lost his sight, but his other senses became heightened. Murdoch’s profession is a lawyer by day and a masked vigilante by night.

The new show is the first of four new Netflix Marvel series focusing on street-level heroes. Upcoming shows include Marvel’s Iron Fist, Marvel’s A.K.A Jessica Jones, and Marvel’s Luke Cage. It is a formula similar to Marvel’s big screen string of movies leading up to the mega-blockbuster The Avengers.


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