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It wouldn’t be an iPhone launch without a raft of problems identified in the Apple smartphone, and the iPhone 7 certainly hasn’t let us down. Already fans of the handset all over the world are reporting issues that they have encountered with the flagship Apple release. Bendgate and Antenngate may have been avoided, but there are plenty of other gripes to talk about. So without further ado, here is a rundown of all the latest iPhone 7 issues.

Irregular movement

Many customers who ordered the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have already noticed that the regulation of the movement of shipments has been a massive issue. This has been confirmed by multiple industry analysts, with peculiar UPS tracking information documented by numerous people on Twitter and Reddit.

The problem has seen iPhone 7 orders move between such territories as Shanghai, China and Anchorage, Alaska, before ultimately ending up back in China. No one is quite sure of the underlying problem, but it is clear that tracking has gone seriously awry for some purchasers of the device.

Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode has been a welcome addition to the portfolio features included in the iPhone range, but it is apparently not functioning entirely accurately with the iPhone 7. Many users have reported that their smartphone has become stuck in Airplane Mode, and is unable to link up with a network again once an airplane flight has been completed. Perhaps this is a fairly niche complaint, but it is nonetheless extremely irritating, particularly for business consumers who travel by air on a regular basis.

Volume control disabled

Another frequently reported problem is the volume control in the iPhone 7 being disabled following the Lightning earbuds being activated. It seems that this new wireless system is disabling the volume controls somehow, ensuring that it is impossible for iPhone 7 users to adjust the volume of the unit with the headphones virtually plugged in.

App hissing

Another sound problem which has been particularly prominent is an audible hissing sound emanating from some iPhone 7 units. Of all problems with the iPhone 7, there is no doubt that this has been the most widely reported, and it seems that relatively large numbers of users have encountered this difficulty.

A hissing sound will emerge when certain apps are opened; certainly a major annoyance for iPhone 7 consumers. It seems that the hissing issue occurs when the iPhone 7 is placed under pressure from processor-intensive applications. Stephen Hackett at 512 Pixels was one of the first to notice and point out the odd sound emanating from his iPhone, but it has since been confirmed to be a fairly common issue among iPhone consumers.

In some cases, the sound is also accompanied by a significant increase in heat radiating from the back of the iPhone unit. Apple has yet to respond to this problem, but there is no doubt that there will need to be some form of official reaction, as this has been a highly publicised issue already.

iPhone 7 home button problems

Apple included a new Home button system in the iPhone 7, and it is not hugely surprising that this alteration to one of the iconic features of the iPhone range has resulted in a few teething troubles. The Home button seemingly no longer works if users attempt to press it with gloves or through plastic casing, obviously rather an inconvenience in cold weather conditions. Whether Apple will be able to do anything to fix this particular problem remains to be seen, but it would certainly be a significant problem, especially as the new Home button is intended to be more convenient.

Data usage issues

The bane of any mobile user is any issue related to data usage, and unfortunately it seems that the iPhone 7 is already causing consternation in this department. Many early adopters of the iPhone 7 have reported that data usage is increased in comparison with previous generations, causing problems with mobile data packages.

However, Apple claims that this isn’t a bug as such, but rather that data data issues consumers are experiencing can be attributed to settings utilized on the iPhone 7. In particular, users experiencing data usage issues are likely to have their phone in a setting which means that it is updating apps frequently on its network. Apple recommends checking settings and disabling app updates over data in order to solve this problem.

Music playback quality

Considering that Apple has scrapped the 3.5mm headphone jack which was part of the iPhone for so many years, it was always likely that there would be initial difficulties with music playback. Many are suggesting that the adapter for the 3.5mm jack is actually diminishing the audio experience for iPhone 7 users, with several media outlets noting that audio quality for the iPhone 7 is poor.

One German magazine proved that the quality of audio is diminished in comparison to the iPhone 6S generation, after playing a 24-bit music file through the adapter. Lowering the music quality resulted in losses being less drastic, but the iPhone 6S still delivered better audio quality than the iPhone 7.

Update coming

The good news for Apple fans is that the consumer electronics giant is already working on a software update which will be released in the coming weeks. Apple claims that this will correct every problem experienced by users of the iPhone 7 thus far, although none of the bugs currently appear widespread enough to be described as a terminal problem.

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