How To Fix No Service Bug On The iPhone 7

How To Fix No Service Bug On The iPhone 7
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Imagine this: you have your iPhone 7 switched to Airplane mode due to travel. You get to your destination, switch Airplane mode off, and are hit by the same iPhone 7 issue as others. Your device can’t pick up a wireless signal, meaning no cellular, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

Is there a fix for this No Service bug?

As it stands, Apple is aware of the problem affecting many of its iPhone 7 customers. However, fortunately for the tech giant, the reach of this problem is not huge. At this moment, there is no technical way you can fix this issue yourself.

Up until late Monday, Apple had been asking customers to try switching their iPhone 7 off and on again. However, this proved to be fruitless for the vast majority who tried it. One other piece of advice given was if you happen to have an old compatible SIM card. Try taking out the existing one and replacing it. However, yet again, this fix did not work for the vast majority, and Apple is still working on the issue.

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Apple to the rescue

So with no fix seemingly on the horizon, what can you do? The answer is simple: take your faulty iPhone 7 to your nearest Apple Store, and they will replace it. As for whether your new iPhone 7 will have the same problem, keep your fingers crossed or say a prayer because nothing in this life is guaranteed–unless you have Apple Care, that is. However, I doubt that could fix the no service issue at the moment.

Other iPhone 7 problems

It seems that the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are both stricken by different issues. One particular issue facing the iPhone 7 Plus is related to very slow GPS. Apparently for some, it never manages to locate them, and for others, the GPS just fails to load.

Other reported problems come in the form of build quality problems and center around the use of 3D Touch. According to some reports, the screen creaks under slight pressure, and to some, it feels as if the screen will crack.

What about Hissgate?

Yet again, here’s an iPhone 7 problem with no apparent fix. According to many reports from all over the world, the 7 Plus puts out a hissing sound when being used. Apparently it can be heard clearly by placing the Apple logo on the rear of the handset to your ear. However, it can also be heard if you’re in a quiet room and just operating the device.

The volume of this hiss seems to vary with each reported instance. Some say you’d need to place the handset against your ear, while others say it can be clearly heard anywhere.


Fortunately for some, there are problems with solutions. However, for the vast majority, there is no help coming quickly. So my advice to you would be to take your handset to the nearest Apple or carrier store.

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