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iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch 2 And More: Apple’s September Product Release

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September will be a massive month for Apple, as the consumer electronics giant lines up its major releases for the critical Christmas marketplace. This has traditionally included an iPhone unit, but this year we may see Apple release more hardware than usual.

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch 2 And More: Apple's September Product Release

iPhone 7

Nonetheless, there is no doubt that an iPhone 7 will be among the devices unveiled by Apple in September, with the next generation smartphone due for a significant upgrade. Analysts suggest that the iPhone 7 may be rather conservative considering that it is graced with a next generation numeral. Apple itself has already predicted that it will shift less iPhone units in 2016 than last year; the first time that this will have occurred since the iPhone went live back into 2007. This suggests that Apple will not take too many gambles with a device that could be a stopgap ahead of a revolutionary iPhone 8 next year.

So expect the iPhone 7 to be focused on spec upgrades rather than a significant redesign of the iPhone concept. Apple will, though, eliminate the headphone jack which has been a notable feature of the iPhone range over the years in favor of a new wireless music-playing system. Apple is also expected to improve the battery life of the iPhone 7 and also deliver an impressive 256 GB of native storage.

The latter spec perhaps suggest that Apple will consider upgrading the screen resolution of the iPhone 7, but the general consensus of opinion is that the consumer electronics giant will stick with the same resolution as the iPhone 6S.

iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 will be accompanied by the customary iPhone Plus phablet. The iPhone 7 Plus will have superior specifications to the iPhone 7 in some departments, and has been particularly strongly linked with a dual-camera setup. This would enable the iPhone 7 Plus to take better photographs in darker conditions; a perennial bugbear of smartphone photography.

Apple will also include a bigger battery in the iPhone 7 Plus, and it is possible that the phablet could be the first ever quad HD mobile device from Apple. A curved version of the handset has also been removed in some quarters, but Apple could instead delay this until next year. Similarly, the iPhone 8 is expected to debut with OLED technology next year.

iPhone 7 Pro

Another possibility in September is that Apple could release a new variant of the iPhone 7, possibly entitled the iPhone 7 Pro. This has been a very hushed aspect of the Apple portfolio which has divided the analyst community, with some believing that Apple will release three iPhone units simultaneously for the first time, and others dismissing the concept.

There is further confusion elsewhere, with some suggesting that the iPhone 7 Pro will be distinguished from the other iPhone units via a dual-camera, and others believing that this feature will be included in the iPhone 7 Plus.

If the iPhone 7 Pro does materialize, it is likely that it will be significantly aimed at the business community. The release of a fourth iPhone model – after the introduction of a four-inch iPhone earlier this year in the shape of the iPhone 6C – represents a new strategy for Apple in the smartphone marketplace. Apple recognizes that the smartphone niche is becoming more complex, fragmented and balkanized, and intends to cover every possible base with its smartphone releases from now on.

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch 2 And More: Apple's September Product Release
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Apple Watch 2

Apple is a company which always keeps information very much to itself, but it is largely expected that the Californian company will release the Apple Watch 2 in September, despite absolutely no official confirmation.

The Apple Watch 2 will be particularly important for Apple, as the original smartwatch perhaps failed to demonstrate the potential of the device. Many wondered precisely what the point of the smartwatch was, and it was also criticized for being too reliant on an attendant iPhone.

Apple will address the latter of these two problems by ensuring that the Apple Watch 2 does not need to be tethered to a smartphone. The next generation smartwatch will have full Wi-Fi functionality, ensuring that the Apple Watch 2 is a much more flexible performer than its predecessor.

Recent patent leaks also suggest that the second generation Apple Watch could include extra buttons, making it easier for users to interact with the device. Another patent indicates that a camera will be built into the Apple Watch, potentially ensuring that consumers can make video calls with the smartwatch.

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch 2 And More: Apple's September Product Release

iPad Mini 5

There is also a suggestion that the iPad Mini 5 could emerge in September, as the Cupertino-based company looks to refresh its tablet range. The iPad has unquestionably become the world’s definitive tablet computer, but the iPad Mini range has been slightly neglected over the last couple of years.

The iPad Mini 5 is rumored to feature some slight design changes compared to previous releases. This will be an extremely slim tablet computer, and Apple is also likely to embrace the 7000-series aluminum already utilized in the iPhone and Apple Watch ranges.

Some reports have also suggested that the tablet will feature the 3D Touch technology which debuted in the iPhone range last year. IP68 dust and water resistance is also mooted for this user-friendly device.

With Apple being so secretive regarding its product range, no one is quite sure whether or not this device will arrive in September, but there have been whispers and leaks which suggest that it is a distinct possibility.

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch 2 And More: Apple's September Product Release


Finally, a big outsider for release in September is a new iMac desktop, with the last update in this hugely popular range having come in October last year. It is far more probable that the iMac will make an appearance at a separate event twelve months after the last release, but it is not impossible that Apple could unveil it alongside other major devices in September. The 2016 version of the iMac is rumored to strongly support virtual reality, as the embryonic technology moves into the mainstream.

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