Apple Watch 2 Release Date: September [RUMOR]

Many of Apple’s fans were left in the lurch at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) when the company failed to mention one of its trademark gadgets, the Apple Watch 2, even though they did unveil one of its latest operating systems, the watchOS 3.

Apple Watch 2 Release Date: September [RUMOR]
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Despite being officially announced, many rumors and speculations are beginning to make rounds in the internet that the follow-up to last year’s Apple Watch will be released this fall, and more specifically, in September.

Will it be an Apple Watch/iPhone September?

Moreover, there are speculations going around that the new Apple Watch will be unveiled this fall together with the Cupertino-based company’s flagship phone, the iPhone 7, along with several other iterations of Apple products.

While Apple has yet to officially confirm the big September event, much less the arrival of new devices including the Apple Watch 2. Certain conjecture details that Apple’s plan is to release the wearable device this September alongside the iPhone 7 to drum up some attention.

Some industry experts have said that if Apple does in fact decide to skip announcing the Apple Watch 2 during its annual September event, fans of the device will have to wait until next year for it to hit shelves.

Updated specifications in the wearable device

Some reports suggest that the next generation Apple Watch will be around 20 percent slimmer as compared to its previous iteration due to the addition of a new type of screed called a microLED. The first Apple Watch has an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display.

Other rumors include the possibility that the new Apple Watch 2 will no longer require an iPhone in order to work properly. Speculation says that device will include its own cellular feature that will allow the wearable device to send messages and make calls without having to be paired with the iPhone. Additionally, there are suggestions that the watch will carry its own WiFi chip, which will allow it to connect to the internet by itself.

There are other reports that suggest that the next Apple Watch will contain a camera, ideally suited for taking selfies. Apple had even filed a patent for the camera component for a watch almost two years ago. The patent application explained that the camera would be able to be placed anywhere within the watch body. Additionally, future versions of the watch could potentially contain several cameras.

Analysts predict that Apple is planning on addressing one of the main problems with the first model of the watch – its poor battery life. Apple will most likely strive to extend the device’s battery life in order to compete more effectively with competition.

Another potential addition to the watch is something called a “Breath” application, which would allow users to take part in breathing exercises, easing tension and stress from everyday work and other stressors.

Despite these improvements and changes, there are not likely to be many aesthetic changes to the original square screen design.

Is Apple ready to start making it?

According to several reports, Apple has already been able to gather the necessary components to build the second generation Apple Watch. If these rumors prove to be true, Apple aficionados can expect to see the watch released before the year ends.

As of the writing of this article, Apple has not yet provided any sort of official or concrete details with regard to their plans to develop, unveil, or release the next generation Apple Watch.