iPhone 7 Dual Camera Concept Based On Apple’s Patent Filing

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iPhone 7 Dual Camera  – For months, there have been rumors and speculations that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 would feature a dual camera setup. According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the device will include a standard wide-angle lens and a secondary telephoto lens to capture zoomed-in pictures and videos. Now MacRumors videographer Matt Gonzalez has created an awesome concept video that is based on a dual-camera patent filed by Apple in January.

iPhone 7 Dual Camera – concept shows photos appearing on the same screen

Gonzalez shows how cool it would be if Apple incorporates the patent in the iPhone 7. According to the patent filing, you can use both the camera lenses simultaneously to capture videos or photos. You can also take a photo with one camera and a video with another. Apple’ software would merge the photos in unique ways. Pictures from both lenses appear on the same screen through a split screen view.

While capturing images or videos, you can seamlessly transition between both lenses. It works similar to digital zoom. But Apple uses longer focal length rather than zooming in through software, so the zoomed in pictures are much crisper and clearer. Though it is still unclear whether Apple would incorporate the technology in the iPhone 7, it offers a look at the ideas the company is working on.

iPhone 7 Patent iPhone 7 Dual Camera
iPhone 7 Dual Camera

You can also record slo-mo videos

Each camera can capture videos, including slo-mo videos. Since Apple allows you to use the cameras separately, you can choose to save the resulting files separately or merge them using Apple’s software. This technology could help iPhone 7 users put together some cool photos and videos.

For example, if you are using the standard wide-angle camera to film the moments before the candles on the cake are blown out on a child’s birthday party, you can open the split-screen view and use the zoom-in camera for a close-up portrait image of the exact moment the candles are blown out.

The iPhone 7 is rumored to arrive in September with A10 processor, iOS 10, a slimmer design, and wireless charging capabilities. The device is also said to get rid of the protruding rear camera lens, 3.5mm headphone jack, and those ugly antenna bands.

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