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iPhone 7 Unlikely To Offer Bigger Battery, Hints Jony Ive

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The iPhone users have long complained about a short battery life. Apple increased the iPhone 6 battery size from 1560mAh to 1810mAh. But it failed to improve the battery life because the bigger screen sucked more power. However, customers praised the iPhone 6 Plus, which packs a 2915mAh battery, enough to last a full day of heavy usage.

iPhone 7 Unlikely To Offer Bigger Battery, Hints Jony Ive

Ive prefers aesthetics over battery size

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 6S this year and the iPhone 7 in 2016. The tech giant has already been working on the iPhone 6S, which will reportedly enter mass production in June this year. Since the ‘S’ models have historically retained the dimensions of their immediate predecessor, the iPhone 6S is unlikely to have a bigger battery. A longer-lasting battery is on the wishlist of most prospective iPhone 7 buyers.

But the iPhone 7 may not pack a bigger battery. In a recent interview with Nick Foulkes of the Financial TimesApple’s design head Sir Jony Ive said that a bigger battery would make the iPhone heavier, more cumbersome and ‘less compelling.’ His comments suggest that the company won’t compromise on aesthetics to accommodate a bigger battery.

iPhone 7 may pack a power-efficient processor to offer longer battery life

Though the iPhone 7 is unlikely to arrive until late 2016, Ive will prioritize a slim design over the battery power boost. However, there are other ways to improve battery life even without increasing the battery size. The Cupertino company has signed a deal with Samsung to supply A9 processor for the iPhone 6S. Samsung will use its 14nm FinFET technology to produce A9 processor that will be far more power efficient. By the time the iPhone 7 arrives, Apple may use an even more energy efficient processor to increase its battery life.

Anyway, Expert Reviews says that most Apple users won’t object to the company’s decision to prefer the design over battery size. As long as the iPhone 7 has enough juice to last through a day’s worth of heavy use, it’s good enough for most people.

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