iPhone 6 Plus Battery Lags Behind Galaxy S5, LG G3 [REPORT]

iPhone 6 Plus Battery Lags Behind Galaxy S5, LG G3 [REPORT]
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After conducting a bending test on Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Consumer Reports has released results of the iPhone 6 battery tests. The Cupertino-based company claims that the iPhone 6 Plus offers up to 12 hours of browsing, up to 14 hours of video playback, 24 hours of talktime, and a whopping 80 hours of audio playback. That’s almost double the battery performance offered by iPhone 5S.

iPhone 6 Battery

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iPhone 6 Plus offers 17 hours of talktime

Consumer Reports found that the new iPhones have better battery lives than their predecessors. But the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus still fail to match up against Samsung’s Galaxy S5 or LG G3. In lab tests, the iPhone 6 Plus survived an impressive 17 hours of talktime on a single charge. Note that it’s the average battery performance across many carriers.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 cranked out 10 hours of talktime. By comparison, the iPhone 5S offers an 8-hour talktime. But the performance of new devices is nowhere close to Apple’s claims of up to 24 hours for iPhone 6 Plus and 14 hours for the iPhone 6. The problem is, manufacturers usually claim “up to,”which means the value will apply only in optimal conditions.

Galaxy S5, LG G3 outperform the iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 provided 20 hours of talktime in Consumer Reports’ lab tests. LG Electronics’ G3 also provided a respectable 19 hours of talktime. However, the new iPhones had outperformed Galaxy Note 3, LG G3 and HCT M8 in bending tests. The iPhone 6 Plus has been surrounded by the ‘bendgate’ controversy.

But Consumer Reports’ tests suggest that the new iPhones are much sturdier than many seem to think. In fact, the iPhone 6 Plus performed better than HTC M8, which is considered a solid phone. Despite the reports of bending, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are literally flying off the shelves in the markets worldwide. Apple sold over 10 million new iPhones in the first three days of launch.

Apple shares fell 0.91% to $99.84 at 12:09 PM EDT on Wednesday.

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  1. Dude, have you ever actually tried a samsung smartphone this generation?

    I can’t go back to an iPhone…I feel like it’s on training wheels

    Please tell me you’re kidding and trolling when you state that samsung is a copy cat…when apple is JUST NOW adding on features that Android had over three years ago.

  2. The bias in this comment disturbs me. It’s like so many people who are stuck on Apple act as if nothing else is good – but I’m someone who thought that, then tried out a galaxy s4 this summer out of curiosity. WOW! It’s amazing.

    I honestly have to state, Samsung is years ahead of Apple in its technology. I went from an iPhone (which I liked and had no complaints of, but wanted to try an Android) to a Galaxy s4. WOW. I cannot TELL you how much smarter that phone is! It knows where I park, it adapts sound for different pitches in each ear, it does a million other things. Every application can talk to another.

    And, being honest – my Galaxy has never crashed me before. However, my iPhone 4S I used to have did!!!

    I love how much more intelligent the galaxy is. I can completely customize the phone to my liking, even changing the basically…OS – getting different launch applications. The Google Now is so much better on android as well. I just got an iPhone (am going to try out the iPhone 6…got a promotion for one for free – if I don’t like it, I’ll sell it and get an s5) and am sad I have to go back to Siri. Literally, there are few things this phone DOESN’T do.

    You really can’t knock Samsung until you have tried one, my friend. I never thought it was better when I had an iPhone, but man I am so sad to give up my galaxy. I’m sad I will be spending my next 2 years with an iPhone again…it feels like a smartphone on training wheels.

    Only downside of the galaxy and android – is it really takes a learning curve…but I love challenges.

  3. I know how you feel, but you should know technology changes, therefore Samsung changed for better now, After the S3 was released , I jumped from an iPhone 4s to a note 3 , and I love it, The android system is so open where as I have to use iTunes for the simplest things on my iPhone. Only minor complain I have is the Touchwiz UI, its too bloated

  4. Well, if it’s simplicity she wants, then download “Cover”. everything she’ll need straight from the lockscreen. It memorizes the apps you use most and throws it on the lockscreen, “voila”.

  5. I like Aviate as well and I try to use it on my LG L90 but somehow they don’t get along very well. It would be nice on the S5 though but it would be too much of a learning curve for her. She just wants to open and close apps and make call and texts which is why she never complains. For me though I am always reluctant to get a Galaxy phone with the stock UI.

  6. Thanks for the tips. I have uninstalled many programs as well I might have to do more including a virus check coz you never know. That said though I am sure HTC, Nexus, LG all run UIs that are smoother than Samsung’s and I stilt believe it has to do with TouchWiz.

  7. I will not own another Apple product again. Having worked there for 21 years….There are so many surprises in our products people never see. There is a good reason we cycle 1 year now on products….and its not competition.

  8. Article has at least 9 errors in facts and needs to be checked by his editor before release to public . I really hate journalists today. Most seem to think we are all uninformed and ignorant without way to recognize and confirm bad data.

  9. Yes…my wife has the same problem with her Samsung. I finally tried to speed it up and found so much useless programs in memory, she was running 3 Facebook, 5 copies of Dolphin browser and 3 each of Yahoo Mail and Gmail. I removed 385 MB of redundant programs from her memory. Ran a virus check and found two. All which leads me to say sometimes our wives don’t exit apps…put the device down and come back and run the same program again…and again….and again. Right now everything is running fine now.

  10. That’s exactly what I say about Samsung now…After using iPhone 7 years from 2007 to 2014. I purchased the galaxy Note3 and was shocked at how fast it was, great AMOLED screen and can be customized to each users choices so much more than iPhone. Right now it’s Samsung only and that’s it. Can I sell you my iPhone 5s?

  11. No Samsung phone for me even though many “paid article” write good about Samsung. My young son used Samsung so I knew how this device is. I am one of happy customer using iPhone for many years and they are super good. I had been using many type of phone until iPhone come along. After that, well …. that’s it. iPhone only

  12. exactly, get rid of touchwiz, change the default text app.. I just downloaded yahoo aviate as the launcher and it works pretty smoothly.. mess around with your phone, you’re actually allowed to do that without rooting/jailbreaking.

  13. Copycat? Hilarious you mean like crApple copying Android’s larger screen phones now as well as all of the “gimmick” features Android users have been enjoying for years? iSheep morons need to get a clue instead of repeating the same garbage they have for the past 3 years.

  14. Same old lying nonsense spewed forth by iSheep 24/7. Do some research instead of looking and sounding so stupid. Apple did not “invent” the smartphone. Smartphones were being worked on by several companies as early as 2002, Apple was the first to come out with theirs in 2007. The first to come out with theirs NOT INVENTED AND EVERYONE ELSE COPIED THEM. I guess to say everyone copies them based on a rectangular screen with buttons at the bottom is the same as saying Henry Ford should sue every single carmaker who have an engine and 4 wheels. Get a clue. And spend $100 and get a piece of junk plastic? What do you call the iPhone 5C? Oh that’s right according to iSheep it is a “high quality plastic”. COMICAL. You can be like every other ripped off iMoron and pay $200 extra with the biggest margins in electronics and get a smartphone no better than any other.

  15. Is this why Apple never states the size of their batteries for the iPhone in mAh and only how long the phone lasts? Which, as we can see from this article, can be a total misleading falsehood.

  16. galaxy is closer to a toy? i can run multiple tasks using nfc, shrink almost all of my apps into widget form for ease of use, pop in an SD card when i need extra storage or a way to save data if the phone ever dies, use the thing for hours without the battery crapping out, run my finance app and browser app in the same window, and more. as opposed to staring at a grid of icons.

    you and i have very different views on what’s closer to a pretty little toy.

    as far as the “copy cat” claims go, it seems that the “best” that american minds can create and sue for are rounded rectangles, scroll bounce animations, etc.


  18. He’s not smoking anything. He’s trolling, and doesn’t seem to know that ‘IOS’ refers to Apple’s OS. I’m ‘confused’ as to what is supposed to crash here, Apple’s or Samsung’s OS.

  19. I prefer Android to IOS but as far as performance goes the 6 Plus is way better. Everything flows and I really enjoy that. TouchWiz is most likely the main reason and unless Samsung tweak it the OS will never be smooth. Other Android phones are far better in terms of performance but the S5’s battery life is definitely commendable.

  20. The S5 is the first Samsung phone that my wife hasn’t yet replaced and I’m pretty sure that it is a well built phone compared to previous Galaxy phones. The battery is also super great. Hardly dies despite many hours of games and video. But one major complaint is the lag. OMG!! The UI is not smooth at all. I mean even my LG L90 has a far smoother UI. Not sure why Samsung prefers not to address this.

  21. No, the bending thing was because Apple didn’t use a magnesium support frame inside the phone like most other phone makers. Poor design.

  22. Exactly. total misinformation. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were actually two of the worst performers in the bend test. The LG G3, and Galaxy Note both did better…much better…and the HTC M8 was a little better.

  23. oh YAHOO, btw, REALLY TIRED OF THE SAMSUNG vs APPLE articles, APPLE RULES. THEY INVENTED THE MODERN COMPUTER and THEY INVENTED THE SMART PHONE AS WE KNOW IT. GET OVER, Spend $100 less and be proud you bought a piece of junk plastic. Whose IOS crashes constantly.

  24. Yes, I found it. It’s called goStrap. I use it on both my e-reader and
    my phone. It definitely has stopped the dropping problem but probably
    just as importantly, it has given me back the use of my hand! They have a
    website but you can also get them at The Container Store. Hope this
    helps and best of luck!

  25. I think the writer got lost and off track on this one, probably by copying and pasting sentences into paragraphs and then not proofing.

  26. This article is giving false information. The iphone 6 did not perform better in bend tests than the m8, note 3, and g3. Isn’t there a law against this type of thing?

  27. Sure…. nice try Vikas. Samsung is grabing at straws and looks for these joke of articles like this to PUBLISH
    on this internet. (this case yahoo news nationwide)
    regardless of the real battery life compared to other copy cat iphone makes, including the gook samsung ones. Nothing comes close in quality to this iphone 6+. I just saw and tried it tonight, and was blown away!

  28. YES ! 100% correct this WAS a ploy from Samsung to magnify the very few people whos phones bent. South Korea HQ KNOWS this handset is FAR superior!

    One single look in person at the 6 + ANY person will blow thier heads at the worlds
    finest smartphone.

  29. The Galaxy is closer to a toy, compared to the apple iphone 6 plus.
    Only a simple guy would think that a copy cat phone from a korean copy cat company is better then the best american minds can create. It BLOWS the doors off of the Samsung. period.

  30. The bending thing was all a marketing ploy from samsung who spends 20 mill a year on anti apple press. 1 iPhone release in China was about to happen so samsung moved their new phone release date 2 weeks in front of apple. Samsung then released the bending rumors 2 days before the release of their product in China.

  31. This article is wrong. IPhone did not out perform the Note 3, or the LG G3 in consumer report test. “However, the new iPhones had outperformed Galaxy Note 3, LG G3 and HCT M8 in bending tests” Please correct this info.

  32. Hummmmm lets see…..I’ve owned an HTC One M8 for a few months now. I always keep it in my front pocket and it is as straight as the day I bought it. I don’t see how Consumer Reports can say that the iPhone 6 Plus did better on the bend test than the M8. They are just going by how much force is used to bend each phone and that is not real world test. Besides, if the M8 fails the bend test at a lower force then why hasn’t ANYONE complained that it bends easily since it’s debut in April. I don’t believe it.

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