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iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6C Possible Specs [RUMOR]

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As time ticks on in 2015, it looks increasingly likely that Apple will release an upgraded version of the iPhone during this calendar year. This is not an unusual or unexpected approach for the consumer electronics giant, as there is, of course, a new iPhone release virtually every year.

However, many analysts had asserted earlier in the year that Apple would release a revolutionary iPhone 7 during 2015, and it has often been the case that an entirely new iPhone generation has followed on a 12 months from the previous release. But this now seems unlikely in 2015, despite the fact that there has been no official confirmation from the company itself.

With Apple working on a raft of new features for the iPhone 7, many of which will significantly change the physical construction of the device, it seems extremely likely that an iPhone 6s will hit the stores in 2015. This will be upgraded version of the usually commercially successful iPhone 6, and would provide Apple with some breathing space while it works on this next-generation smartphone which would then be released at some point during 2016.

The release schedule of the iPhone 7 is not quite known yet, but it has been suggested that it could emerge significantly earlier in the year than previous iPhone releases. With the iPhone 6s likely to be available commercially from October of this year, we could see the iPhone 7 released six months later, in around April, 2016.

However, although this has been mooted by several publications and market observers, it does rather overlook the tendency of Apple to delay product releases until their corporation considers that they are as close to perfection as possible. Apple has never been rushed into including revolutionary features in its devices until it is absolutely sure that they function correctly, and this could easily see the iPhone 7 pushed back until even October 2016.

By this time, Apple should have solved many of the issues involved that producing a revolutionary iPhone 7 is sure to incur. So by the time the iPhone 7 is released, it could feature someone truly outstanding functionality.

iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6C Possible Specs [RUMOR]

iPhone 7 specs

There are a raft of new features that consumers would love to see in the iPhone 7 which Apple could choose to include. Probably the most notable of these would be wireless charging, which would enable the iPhone 7 to be a considerably more user-friendly device.

Apple is also likely to significantly upgrade the display in the iPhone 7, with the full HD screen in the iPhone 6 Plus likely to be upgraded to at least quad HD. There have been suggestions in some quarters that Apple could even embrace 4K resolution for the iPhone 7, but this seems a little wide of the mark considering the huge jump that this would represent. We should see a full HD iPhone 7 smartphone edition, though.

The iPhone 7 could also include sapphire glass in the construction of the device, as it continues to test this durable material, that is apparently less easily scratchable than gorilla glass, behind the scenes.

Apple has been continually linked with including outstanding camera technology in the iPhone 7 as well, with a possible dual-lens unit capable of producing professional standard photographs being frequently suggested. In order to avoid the sort of ‘Bendgate’ headlines which were associated with the iPhone 6, it has also been suggested that the iPhone 7 will be constructive from a rare and sophisticated form of aluminum.

iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6C Possible Specs [RUMOR]

iPhone 6s specs

This could mean that the iPhone 6s would hit the shops in October of this year, and there have already been analyst suggestions regarding precisely what will be included in this device. Despite the fact that the more revolutionary features may be held back for the iPhone 7, it is expected that there will still be some significantly new elements to the iPhone 6s.

And at the first of these will be the introduction of Force Touch technology. This would be an obvious inclusion in Apple’s flagship smartphone owing to the fact that was introduced in the first release of its Apple Watch smartwatch. This would be intended to enhance the user experience via improved input methods, and also to allow handwritten signatures, with the intention of capturing a larger portion of the commercial market.

The display of the iPhone 6s is not expected to be significantly upgraded from the existing iPhone 6. Both size and resolution are expected to be retained from the device which launched in 2014. This may disappoint Apple fans, but the California-based corporation is extremely likely to upgrade the resolution of the iPhone in 2016.

There will be a camera upgrade in this iPhone upgrade, though, with a 12-megapixel snapper recently being linked with the device. It is also likely that Apple will introduce some form of premium iPhone release, possibly featuring a gold design. This will be intended as a companion to the Apple Watch Edition which retails at $10,000.

iPhone 6c specs

This version of the iPhone has been rumoured for quite some time, and is expected to ultimately result in a device with a 4-inch screen. This would be in line with the preferences of the former Apple CEO and founder Steve Jobs, who publicly expressed his predilection for more compact smartphones.

When the iPhone 6c is released it is likely to be a colourful device. Early renders of the handset have suggested that it will feature a plastic build, and come in many different bright colors. There will be a clear effort from Apple to distinguish the iPhone 6c from other devices in the series, and it will be an affordable version of the handphone which is very much aimed at developing economies and young people in the West in particular.

We can reasonably expect the specifications of the iPhone 6c to be scaled down significantly from the iPhone 6s. Apple will be aiming for a significantly lower price point for this device, and this will necessitate a more manageable spec list.

But all of the core functionality will be retained from other versions of the iPhone, and it is already widely predicted that the iPhone 6c will embrace force touch technology, in order to make it a convenient payment device. With the mobile payment market hotting up in the remainder of 2015 and moving in 2016, Apple will be looking for its Apple Pay system to gain significant momentum.

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