Apple iPhone 7 And iPad Pro To Share High-Tech Metal

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An image of an iPad Pro case which has emerged online suggests that it will have a lot in common with both the Apple Watch and iPhone 7. Sonny Dickson has recently posted images of an iPad Pro case which reveals a great deal about the possible design parameters of this particular tablet. Already it would appear that there are holes for stereo speakers in the top and bottom of the device, and many analysts will read this as part of an increasing Apple emphasis on music.

iPhone 7 and iPad Pro – aluminum

It has also been suggested by the same source that the iPad Pro could utilize the same materials as the iPhone 7. This forthcoming smartphone from Apple is something of a mystery, as it has not even really been confirmed whether we can expect to see an iPhone i7 n 2015. There is a strong school of thought which would suggest that Apple could delay the iPhone 7 until 2016 in order to build on the vast commercial success of the previous iteration of the iPhone series.

As well as the iPad Pro images imaging, it has also been reported in recent days that the material from which the iPhone 7 will be constructed has already been settled. According to Economic Daily News, the next iPhone will use the same aluminum material, ‘7000 Series’, as the Apple Watch Sport. This will be a logical decision for Apple, particularly as thee California-based corporation will be placing a particular emphasis on the Apple Watch range in 2015.

It is believed that part of the reason Apple has opted for this material is that it provides an extremely durable platform for the iPhone. Apple was forced to deal with some embarrassing headlines related to the iPhone in 2014, most notably ‘bendgate’. Apple has been continually linked with sapphire glass for the iPhone series, in an attempt to make its flagship handset more durable and long-lasting.

However, one must take this report with a pinch of salt, as the existence of the iPhone 7 has not even been confirmed yet. Many analysts and industry observers believe that the iPhone 7 will be delayed until 2016, and with this in mind the notion that someone has identified the material being utilized in the iPhone 7 could be viewed as something of a red herring.

While the material itself could be extremely accurate, and may indeed emerge in an Apple device in the very near future, one should not necessarily assume that this applies to the iPhone 7. Only a handful of insiders within the consumer electronics giant actually know the timetable related to the release of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6s. Indeed, Analysts cannot even agree on whether or not they will see an iPhone 7 this year, and even if the iPhone 6s exists.

iPhone 7 – More durable build

The utilization of aluminum is not a huge innovation in itself; the existing-series already makes considerable use of this metal. However, that material which Apple is intending to use in the build of the iPhone is significantly stronger than average aluminum. 7000 Series aluminum is up to 60 percent stronger than the normal material according to Apple, and this played a major role in its selection for the Apple Watch.

So it will be interesting to see whether this material is utilized in both the iPad Pro and the iPhone 7. The release schedule of the two devices is still very much shrouded in secrecy, and it is difficult to even know which one of them will hit the market first. Even the identity of the iPhone 7 itself is pretty nebulous, with some people believing that it will launch next year, and others believing that we will see it before 2015 is out.

There is also little agreement on whether or not there will be a smaller companion iPhone, possibly with a 4-inch screen, that will precede the release of the iPhone 7 in 2016. In many ways, this would seem to make commercial and practical sense for the corporation, as this device is to be a significant departure from previous iterations of the series. So while these improvements are predicted for the iPhone 7, it is hard, and possibly impossible, to know whether this refers to a revolutionary version of the iPhone, generally expected to release next year, or whether it is simply a prototype name for a smartphone that could release this year, and which is effectively an upgrade of the hugely commercially successful iPhone 6.

Apple iPhone 7 And iPad Pro To Share High-Tech Metal

Revolutionary work underway

What is certain is that Apple is working on a number of revolutionary aspects of its smartphone series right now. The iPhone 7 has already been linked with some extremely interesting new functionality and portfolio of features, and the longer that the release of the device is delayed, the more likely that we will see them included in the final model.

Thus, the iPhone 7 continues to be strongly linked with a professional standard camera. Apple has not always armed the snapper in the iPhone series with the most powerful lens, but many believe that this is about to change with the next generation iPhone 7, which may feature a dual-lens setup which will capture extremely impressive photographs, or possibly even a unique periscope design.

By the time that the iPhone 7 hits the market, it is probable that that the Apple Watch will have been in the stores for at least six months. This means that it would be logical for the next generation iPhone, whether it is named iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, to collaborate intuitively and innovatively with the Apple Watch in some capacity.

It is also expected that Apple will release a curved screen variant of the iPhone at some point in the near future, and that there will also be a 4-inch iPhone 6c variant.

Although these early images can give some impression of what the iPhone 7 will look like, there are still more questions than answers on the device. Meanwhile, the existence of the iPad Pro is not yet fully established, even though this seems like a certain release sooner rather than later. But for the time being, this latest morsel of information provides an intriguing glimpse into the future of apple, the iPad and iPhone.

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