Changes To Battery Life On The iPhone 6s And 6s Plus After The iOS 9.1 Upgrade

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Battery life continues to be a main concern for iPhone users. When Apple first released its original iPhone, users were lucky if they were able to use data for more than 4 hours. Apple continues to improve on its smartphone battery life, and software updates are one of those improvements. It might seem that increasing a battery’s lifespan is just a matter of better hardware, but software plays an even bigger role.

The iPhone’s battery is only as good as its software. Too many processes running in the background drains the battery without the user’s knowledge. Some users interact with several apps throughout the day, but the operating system also drains the battery with critical processes.

Apple released iOS 9.0 in September, and it had several bug complaints. One main complaint was that the battery life drained more quickly. Apple recently released iOS 9.1, which applied several bug fixes including the increased battery drain.

How to View Battery Usage

If you want to track before-and-after changes for both iOS versions, before you upgrade, tap the “Settings” icon on the iPhone Home Screen. Tap “Battery” and the usage section shows you the battery usage and the app associated with the usage.

Repeat these steps after you upgrade. You can upgrade in the same Settings app under “General.” View battery usage after the upgrade, and you should notice much lower percentage rates especially for background iOS processes. Users report that the iOS 9.1 upgrade improved battery life by several percentages.

Tips to Increase Battery Life

You can perform a few tweaks on your iPhone to improve battery life. Any service that continually accesses the data provider is a huge drain on the battery.

Turn off GPS location services if you don’t need them. Go through Push Notifications in the Settings app and disable any of the ones you don’t need.

In the Control Center, turn down the screen brightness, turn off Bluetooth, disable Wi-Fi when you don’t need it, disable sounds such as keyboard clicks, and set auto-lock to a minute. These small changes will give you at least another hour on your battery.

If you haven’t already upgraded to iOS 9.1, it’s a vast improvement from the last update. Your battery life improves as well as the smartphone’s stability.

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