iPhone 6 New Concept – The ‘6C’ In VIDEO And IMAGES

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been able to make its products continually stand out from the crowd with incredible design parameters and values. The construction and design quality of the iPhone series is such that it probably inspires artists all over the world more than any other device to produce concept images and videos ahead of the release of the latest iPhone handset.

With another iPhone in the offing this year, the sixth-generation iPhone 6, we have already seen some exciting concepts of what this hotly anticipated device might look like. Well, another video has emerged in the last 24 hours that gives Apple fans another tantalizing peek at what the iPhone 6 could look like when it hits the stores later this year.

Concept focuses on budget Apple iPhone 6

The designer Joseph Farahi has concentrated his efforts on producing his impression on what the follow-up to the iPhone 5c might look like. This was the more budget-oriented smartphone released by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) last year, with the iPhone 5s being considered the premium handset of the two. It is interesting that Farahi has focused on this, as understandably a lot of the buzz regarding the iPhone 6 has centered around the forthcoming premium device, which is to be manufactured from sapphire glass and has even be described as a ‘reboot’ of the whole iPhone concept.

Farahi has instead reasoned that the budget handset which Apple are also rumored to be releasing will be at least equally important to the hopes of the company. With Samsung being the dominant player in the East Asian marketplace and finding more favor with consumers on a budget, the pressure is unquestionably on Apple to try to rake back some market share at the more affordable end of the smartphone market. The iPhone 5c was much anticipated, but failed to create the sort of impression that Apple had hoped for, with consumers generally preferring to opt for the premium version of the smartphone.

Thus, Farahi’s concept video attempts to create a convincing visual image of the appearance of an upgraded iPhone 5c. Farahi presumes that the new sixth-generation budget device will maintain the 4.7-inch screen of previous iPhones, but features a slimmer, sleeker form which creates a strong impression when you first view the video.

Two distinct iPhone models

Certainly based on the concept released by Farahi, the iPhone 6c – as he dubs it – will be much more aimed at being an upgrade of the existing iPhone 5c. It looks increasingly likely that Apple will view the two models of the iPhone 6 as targeting entirely different audiences and markets, with the upmarket device considered to be more of a phablet, and the handset shown in this new concept video to be more of an affordable mobile option.

In order to achieve this, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) really needs to produce the iPhone 6c at the cheapest possible price and release it at the most affordable price point possible. It is thought that the iPhone 5c achieved lukewarm success due to the fact that it wasn’t significantly more affordable than the iPhone 5s while being significantly underpowered by comparison. Clearly Apple needs to get the balance right for this new budget smartphone.

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