iPhone 6 Worldwide Prices – Is There Much Difference?

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The iPhone 6 is undoubtedly a premium smartphone, but have you ever wondered how much people in other countries are paying for it? I’ve often wondered that myself and considering the iPhone 6 is such an expensive device in the US and UK, something that can easily burn a hole in anyone’s pocket. I’ve done some research and have found out what Apple’s fans are willing to pay for the iPhone 6 in 27 countries across the world.

Thanks to Deutsche Bank and its yearly gathering of world prices, which it compiles into a report. Anyone who actually cares to read it can gain an insight into exactly how much difference there is in the purchase price of an iPhone 6 in those 27 countries.

iPhone 6 Price Differences

Personally I thought the report was an interesting read (I’m a little geeky) because of the information it gives about the different pricing strategies for companies like Apple in the various different territories that it operates in worldwide. Furthermore, it shows with great interest where exactly the cheapest place to buy an iPhone 6 is. This would be an interesting piece of information to have if you lost an iPhone in a specific country on the list!

According to Jim Reid who is a Deutsche Bank Strategist, there are some places in the World where it would be best to forget about buying an iPhone 6 or even replacing one due to the sheer cost of doing so. The most expensive places listed are Brazil, India, Sweden, Denmark and Italy, in Brazil consumers are expected to pay a premium of 56% or $931 for the iPhone 6, which is a huge price difference compared to the cost in the United States.

iPhone 6 – Top 10 Most Expensive Countries

I’m now going to share with you some current prices for the iPhone 6; the thing to do here is remember that this iPhone was launched in 2014.

  • Brazil, $931
  • Indonesia, $865
  • Sweden, $796
  • India, $784
  • Italy, $766
  • Denmark, $754
  • Finland, $743
  • Belgium, $732
  • Netherlands, $732
  • Spain, $732

Are you shocked? I know I was when I first saw those prices. However, if you’re a bit of a traveller there are countries for which you can get a good deal on the iPhone, places like the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Philippines and even the United Kingdom. These countries are all considered to be in the top 10 cheapest of places to purchase an iPhone.

So next time you consider buying an iPhone 6 or even one of the newer models like the soon to be launched iPhone 7. Spare a thought for those who may not be as lucky as you and have to pay over the odds for a piece of Apple technology.

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